The epidemic of burnout across our country is a significant problem. The World Health Organization recently recognized burnout syndrome as an occupational phenomenon characterized by feelings of exhaustion, an increased mental distance from one’s work, cynicism regarding work, and reduced professional efficacy. 

Burnout happens as a result of chronic stress. So, to prevent yourself from burning out, you need to be proactive in your stress management. One of the best ways to reduce stress and recharge (especially after a year like 2020) is traveling. Here are some ways to use your next vacation to recharge and avoid burnout. 

  1. Resist All Temptation to Work

If you take a vacation from work, make it a real vacation. Don’t allow yourself to check your email or respond to clients while you’re supposed to be recharging. Plan ahead, set an auto-reply responder on your email, and delegate any other necessary responsibilities. If you don’t, you risk allowing stress to creep into your getaway time. 

  1. Spend Time Outside

While you’re away, make an effort to spend time outdoors. Studies have shown that there is a link between time spent outdoors and feelings of wellbeing. You can take a walk, lie on a beach, go for a hike, or go skiing. No matter what activities you prefer, just be sure to get some fresh air. 

  1. Practice Mindfulness

Another helpful way to reduce stress on vacation is to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness simply means being aware of what is going on around you, as well as how you’re feeling. Put down your phone and take in your surroundings. Enjoy the sights and sounds around you. Notice how your body is feeling. This type of mindfulness can quickly help you release stress and return from your vacation feeling refreshed. 

  1. Bring These Habits Home

Once you’ve returned from your trip, be sure to practice these same habits at home. Block out time for rest, spend time outside, and be mindful. If you create patterns around those practices, you will find yourself less stressed in your everyday life and much less likely to burn out. 

Traveling might feel like it’s on hold right now but try to find ways to do it safely. Even if you take a small road trip and spend some time outdoors, you will find yourself feeling better when you return. Be creative and do your best to make your well-being a priority.