We have heard many stories of how traveling changes our lives by giving us a different perspective on life in general. Now several studies have surfaced which support this claim.

Many studies suggest that living abroad for longer periods of time will also have the same effect, essentially enhancing our lives more and making us appreciate the little things in life. Of course, there are many ways to travel. But the most rewarding form of travel is a road trip in your own car, with a couple of friends in tow.

Some of the best road trip cars you can buy right now are full-size pickup trucks like the 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 and the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Both of these trucks provide plenty of space for 5 passengers to travel in comfort and also carry a lot of luggage. You can also tow a caravan or recreational vehicle if you like thanks to the 9000 plus towing capacity of both trucks. 

Taking a road trip can be one of the most rewarding experiences, and you can travel at your own leisure with minimal restrictions. Modern pickup trucks like the 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 and 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 offer plenty of creature comforts from powered leather seats with heating/ventilation function to a premium sound system, both the trucks can easily munch hundreds of miles in comfort. 

One particular study found that traveling changes your brain by exposing it to new experiences, especially if you travel to a completely new place where they speak a different language, taste different foods. This aspect also increases creativity, giving us new ideas and allowing us to expand our horizons. 

Another study concluded that travel makes you less susceptible to depression and also lowers stress levels by giving you a new perspective on life. It also makes you more open-minded especially when you experience a totally different culture, which is one of the biggest benefits of traveling the world. 

Duration of the vacation is also a major factor in how it affects you. Some studies say that a small vacation of just two days is enough to relieve stress, while another one suggests four days to properly improve stress levels for at least a month after returning. 

The consensus is that short vacations will improve stress levels and overall well-being, as a quick refresher before taking on the daily grind. 

Even planning a forthcoming trip can help relieve a lot of stress because of the anticipation brimming. As such, planning a vacation early on can improve your life even before going away. A study by Cornell University found that planning an experience like a road trip is more fulfilling than purchasing material goods. It also found that consumers derive a lot more value from anticipation and that anticipation tends to be greater when planning for an experience than for material purchases. 

Traveling by road is the most preferred method to experience a lot more culture and scenery. As such, you’ll need to budget your expenses properly to have a better experience and even extend your stay. 

Doing proper research about travel expenses is the first and most important step. There are several websites which will help you find out all the hidden travel costs, so that you can budget and save the right amount, without any excess spending. 

Budgeting is an important step to make sure you get the right vacation without spending extra. 

  • The best way to save some money is by traveling in the “off” season when there are minimal tourists. Hotels will most likely be a lot cheaper than normal along with cheaper plane tickets. Take care as most places will have bad weather during the off-season which will limit the overall experience.
  • Find the right flights with good discounts on offer. Usually searching for a ‘low fare calendar’ will show you some of the days when tickets cost the least. 
  • Discover hostels instead of hotels for accommodation. In most cases, the overall experience will be better since you’ll get to know other people during your stay. 
  • Eating locally and cooking your own food is another way to save some cash. Asking the locals for their favorite budget eateries will also help in your search. 
  • Usually, a lot of places offer free attractions, without an entry fare which will allow you to allocate more funds for the important stuff. 
  •  Finally, if you’re taking a road trip in your own vehicle, you can save a lot on stay and food by living in your vehicle and cooking your own food. 

The next step is to find a good location. Some studies show that vacationing near the water helps ease our minds more and have a better overall experience. There are several beachfront places to visit depending on budget. Another study did some research on vacationing with a romantic partner and found that it will have positive effects on both new and long-term relationships, and improve the overall vacation experience. 

A lot of studies found that international travel is a lot more fulfilling because of the different cultures that you’ll be able to experience in different countries. A recent study of college students who study abroad found that upon return, the students were more tolerant and a lot more confident than before because of the different experiences they went through. The studies also found that students were more engaging after the experience. 

Another study found that living abroad provides more self-reflection and helps you develop more, especially if the stay is longer with more time spent abroad than more places visited. Extended periods of time spent in a foreign country can also yield numerous benefits like a clear sense of self, from greater life satisfaction to decreased stress levels. 

Many travelers concur with all the studies saying that long-term travel changed their life, stating that travel is a pure form of education about life and culture. Overall, travel will change your life for the better, especially traveling abroad where you’ll be able to get out of your comfort zone and experience new cultures.

As explained above, taking a road trip in your car is one of the most fulfilling ways to travel, with plenty of freedom to explore. You can also hire motor homes for a more complete experience, especially when traveling to different states in the country. 

According to all the studies and conclusions, taking a longer vacation abroad with your romantic partner at a waterfront location will be the most rewarding experience. And traveling will definitely help you improve and develop yourself from all the different experiences you will encounter. So pack your bags and experience your slice of freedom, you deserve it.