Do you ever feel demotivated about yourself? Do you ever feel like you have zero self-confidence? It happens continuously to the vast majority of us.

I learned to speak well with Strangers. How?

When you travel alone, you meet many people from different culture and background. I met few of them when I was travelling from China to Singapore. At the airport, I came across a woman who was carrying a baby. She was sitting just beside me and asking what I do. Initially, I got shaky why she is trying to talk with me, but here I thought, why not? So, we started our conversation. I feel more confident in myself when our discussion lasts longer for 30 minutes.

That woman owns a business of flowers in the USA, and she called herself a womenpreneur. I liked that word, and I feel more courageous about that. We exchanged our card for more communication afterwards. That does not only increase my confidence but helps me to make a new friend of mine.

The lesson to learn:

When someone tries to talk to you, Don’t feel offended. Reply with humble and gentle words. Represent yourself well, and you might end up of getting an excellent opportunity.

You will explore opportunities:

During my stay in Singapore, I almost visited every part of the beautiful place. Singapore has everything from beauty to inspirational people. I found that people of Singapore are knowledgeable and cooperative with solo traveller like me.

When I was walking near to Marina Bay Sands, I saw a beautiful shop of flowers. An old lady was there to assist visitors. When I asked her how long she has been doing business. She quickly replied. Last 20 years, Almost two decades! Wow, I was like Amazing. We sit together and talk more because at the time. There was no other customer. 

She told me that she wanted to start an online flower shop but lacking information; She has not done yet. There you go! I have expertise in managing stores online so I offered her my services and she was impressed with me and further, She asked me to find a good store about roses because that’s her best flower.

The lesson to learn here:

When you are on travel, Don’t just travel. I would encourage everyone to speak to people and let them talk to share their story. You might never know what comes to you. I am now daily talking to that old lady and creating a beautiful web store for her.


I have found myself much more courageous, independent and motivated after my solo trip to Singapore. I met almost 100 people and make friends as well while getting some work too.

I hope this travel solo trip story help you to learn many lessons and I hope you should apply them whenever you plan for a new trip.