E-commerce is a vast platform which witnesses online continuous purchasing and selling on a daily basis. The online market continues to grow with each passing day. There is constant addition to the list of users of any particular website. The range of products being sold at them is outstretched. One can buy almost any kind of stuff online which has definitely added to the convenience of people. However, the quality of any product is always under the magnifying glass. To confirm the quality of any particular stuff, one goes through ratings and reviews which play a pivotal role in guaranteeing the purchase.

The role of user generated content

Before moving on, it is necessary to discuss the role of user generated content across e-commerce platforms. Initially, we should understand the meaning of user generated content. User generated content refers to the statistics accumulated through ratings and reviews of a particular product which assists in confirming the quality of product online. This user generated content is looked out by customers who want to check whether a product is actually up to the mark in terms of quality. Most of the buyers now have adapted to the same strategy as it is certainly a method of safe purchase.

Now, concentrating on the role it plays, it is almost evident that a consumer needs a safe environment at any platform. The secure nature of any e-commerce platform would encourage a particular user to buy product, without any sort of hesitancy. If there are any doubts related to the product, it is most likely that the customer would skip buying it. This brings us to the significance of user generated content. The fact that previous users have rated the product according to their assurance generates a sense of security. This would directly result in higher number of sales.

The influence of user generated content

Now that we have understood the role of user generated content, we should move on to what affect it has over the sales in any eCommerce platform. First, a consumer always trusts other consumer’s recommendations and reviews. It is the most candid description a particular consumer can get. The honest reviewing of a product by a customer creates transparency between an e-commerce platform and other users. They would definitely go for a product which has positive reviews. In any case, they would look out for user generated content for assurance.

One cannot deny the fact that consumers need guarantee of quality when they purchase a product. The data confirms that most people, who are to buy any stuff online, initially go through the user generated content. According to data, about 30% of apparel buyers and 41% of electronic goods buyers prefer looking at user generated content before purchasing anything over the online platform. This brings us to the fact that how sales are affected through users generated content. We would talk about the conversion rate here. Conversion rate refers to the buyers who actually look at the product and buy it after going through the details.

The conversion rate is actually what generates the sales across any eCommerce platforms. According to data, the conversion rate steeps lower when users do not go through the user generated content. To simplify it, people who don’t go through the user generated content, rarely buy the product they were looking for. When it comes to the people who are more aware of the reviews and ratings, the conversion rates go higher. This points to the fact that user generated content can assist in achieving higher sales within the same period of time. The impact of user generated content is definitely noteworthy.