All of us have heard claims about walking reducing weight, toning your body and reducing chances of contracting a heart ailment. However, do you know that Walking can also act as a stress buster and reduce the tensions prevailing in your life? Regular studies have shown that walking does all that and more and also causes a general upliftment of spirits. Here are ways in which walking can boost mood and reduce the stress of your life.

Calming the brain

As per a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in the UK when you walk in the green spaces you lead your brain to a calm state with little or no signs of anxiety. This is probably because walking gives you some me-time when you can just retrospect what is happening around you. When you loiter into the neighbourhood park, you get benefits of moderate activity and a relaxed soul.

Boosts stress-busting endorphins

Just like any other cardiovascular activity, brisk walking also boosts the production of stress-busting endorphins. This, in turn, reduces the stress hormones and alleviate any signs of depression. By opting for this regular exercise you can improve your mood and even increase your self-esteem.

Outdoor presence reduces stress

Walking is done outdoors and that adds up to its benefits. When you are out in the lap of nature you can be sure that your memory and attention span would improve and so would your ability to fight any stress. If you take a walk in the cold weather, then also it benefits memory by at least 20% along with showing a visible change in your energy level.

Reduction in fatigue

A study conducted in the year 2008 revealed that those who had been following a sedentary lifestyle saw a boost of 20 % after they followed exercise programs which are centred on walking. Eve patients of cancer were able to fight fatigue when they started a 20 minute everyday walk routine. Those patients who had severe or moderate fatigue showed a subsequent decrease of 27% level in their fatigue level all thanks to the daily routine of walking.

Walking in a group is beneficial

When you pick up your walking sneakers and join hands with your friends in this walking ritual the benefits are multiple. However, the choice of your sneaker should be appropriate as an unfit one can cause strain on your feet and reduce the pleasure associated with walking. Also, you walk with your pet that also proves fruitful as you feel happy and the tensions of life slowly go away.


Walking has always been emphasized as the cardio exercise that does not need any effort. However, walking is not just suitable for the traditional benefits and if you continue the practice you can live a happy and fulfilling life. The above reasons show how and why the walk is useful and it is time you pick out your walking shoes and start devoting twenty minutes to it every day. This is after all the first step you can take to be stress-free always.