In my professional and personal life, I look for the biggest hills to climb, determine how hard one can run up them, and do it faster than anyone else. 

I’d been a distance runner all my life. I’d run probably 15 miles a week — even into my fifties. But back in November, I blew out my knee, and it can’t be corrected. What upset me the most is that I had to give up the very thing that was my biggest stress reliever.

I wasn’t exercising at all. I saw it as, “If I can’t run, then I’m not doing anything.” I put my shoes away. But then I chose a Microstep: I thought, “Hey, I’m going to go for a walk.”

The Microsteps are the genius of this program. I think I only walked two-tenths of a mile — I didn’t even walk fast — and it was wonderful. I thought, “Tomorrow, I’m going to go for a walk again.” Then I got some weights, which I had never really done before.  It’s surprising how much better these Microsteps made me feel — to consciously reframe and break the connection that I don’t have to hit some magical rep number or a certain amount of miles. It’s really helped me.


  • John Lacy

    Vice President, Health and Wellness People, Walmart