How do we obtain peace in the midst of a global crisis? How do we shut out the chaos from permeating?
How do we avoid letting the virus become embodied in our daily thoughts and nights? How do we shut out the barrage of information that is infiltrating our thoughts each second of the day through the Internet and TV?

This is where I would like to offer some support and guidance.
Our inner sanctuary is exactly that…
A temple that needs to be cleansed, purified and walked upon gently.
Meditation and visualization in our inner sanctuaries are the keys to purifying our thought patterns, for changing our perceptions, for knowing that no matter what happens on the outside, if we are anchored within, if we feel God, if we connect to the light within, we will feel safe.
Safe means feeling loved, feeling the light fill our being, feeling that within us we are ok.

I want to introduce to you a few tools to support your journey as we encounter the present and future challenges…share it and practice it. In connecting to our bodies, our energetic fields, our psyches, and the spiritual higher self, we can create spiritual protection for our mental and emotional self. This will greatly support us to prevent fear from overcoming us, to keep balanced, and to feel safe inside.
Please practice the exercises below all at one time or at different times throughout the day, whichever you wish.

1. Awakening with Gratitude: Each Morning as you wake up take a moment as you sit in your room becoming aware of the gift of being present. Feel your gratitude, no matter how you feel about your life and speak to yourself of gratitude of being, of the gift of life itself at this moment.
Start your day with this gratitude                                                                

2. Blessings: Bless your day with goodness, and good thoughts. Speak it,” May this day be blessed with goodness”.

3. Tapping: Start awakening your body by tapping it for a few minutes. Tap everywhere. Tap your lungs, heart, chest, arms, legs, face, head, etc. Honor it and enjoy the awakening. This supports your wellness. It helps with blood circulation, invigorates you, and helps release the emotional blockages of the body.

4. Lungs: Take a big breath in, hold your breath for many seconds then slowly release it, supporting and strengthening your lungs.

5. Heart Health: Put your hands in a prayer position. Your hands will be slightly cupped. Then 9 times clap them together. Then take your cupped right hand and slap the forearm. Do this 9 times. Then repeat with your left cupped hand on the other forearm 9 times. Then with your right hand cupped slap your underarm 9 times. Now do the other side 9 times. Repeat this entire exercise 9 times.
This helps with circulation and strengthening of the heart.

6. Re-centering: Then we put our hands on our hearts, hear the rhythm, thanking it, for beating.
This helps anchor and center us.

7. Ancestors: Open your arms wide and bend your knees as you stand, connecting to the Earth, call in your ancestors to support you and guide you. Close your eyes. You may feel a very strong or powerful connection to faces undefined.
This is a very special moment, for we can feel the energy and support of hundreds before us.

8. Radiant Healing Light: Finally we come to standing still as we visualize healing golden light around our body. The golden light has rays of red light in it.
Feel the healing energy penetrate through your entire body. Then slowly let it expand to your home, neighborhood, city, state, country, and world.
White Light: Then after a minute or two visualize white light around your body, your home, city, country, and world.

9. OM: As we see all in white light we will chant an OM connecting us to our higher selves and disconnecting us to the chaos. Repeat the OM.

To do this practice each day is a strengthening of our spiritual beings.
It helps us find that space and place within us to come home, to stand in.

Let us live not in fear, but in the joy of connecting to our light and the Divine Order, and in this safe and beautiful light, let us find our safety.

As you are taking care of your bodies take care of your soul and your spirit.
Take this time of pause, to connect to all that is good, all you can learn.
Take those online classes you have wanted to, do the meditation and visualization exercises that are available on YouTube and in many other places.…
And more than anything keep positive and when negative thoughts come into our minds do this very simple exercise:
Stare at a certain spot for 10 seconds then shift your eyes to a spot to your right, for 10 seconds, and then to the left, for 10 seconds, then go back to the spot you began at. This is a great exercise to redirect us and help us not get fixated on something.
Energetically let us all visualize our world in healing golden light.
Let us do this many times a day.

Mitra Rahbar is an Iranian-born teacher, speaker and singer/songstress. She is the author of Miraculous Silence: A Journey of Illumination and Healing Through Prayer, published by Penguin Random House. Mitra currently resides in Southern California and is an active leader in the Iranian American community.