I would like to share with you some secrets of life where you’ll make your life Healthy, beautiful, stronger, and cheerful, so the very first thing is simply promised yourself I want to  change my life with honesty, the first thing about what I even have weakness, hard performing on it, Decide it overcome everything,

 Be strong be brave, 

Just made your looks beautiful, and make your body fitness regular,  give yourself 30 to 40 mints for exercise, I can tell you something if you look smart then You’ll impress anyone, Once you exercise regularly it’ll offer you a lot of relief and patience, Secondly choose a dress color which suitable for you, like if your reflection bright you’ll use a dark color, and if you’ve got not fear reflection you’ll choose light,

Change your attitude against others,

Make your life different to the opposite, your different positive attitude offer you more important to the opposite person, join a good company where you learn, good diet gives you the good structure of the body, try to Keep yourself in happy your atmosphere it will give big advantage and makes your life beautiful and cheerful, your  face value generate,

Pay attention to your health

Make a habit get a wake up early in the morning, go to walk in the fresh air, listen to bird voice When your body warm start running slowly and keep running as you can after this take a long breath take fresh air into your body it will again powerup you again struck life, try to lay down on the grass for few minutes and listen to nature silently, someone say true, Early to bed early to rise makes man health wealth and wise,

How dresses important in your lifestyle

Remember one thing if you are fit and smart  every dress looks on you better, your hairstyle and selection about dressing will show your personality unique to the other If you have a good body you can try t-shirts with jeans  with balance hair, and if you are female you have lots of choices that make you beautiful,

Balance Diet,

Balance diet makes you fit and smart and strong healthy body, use vegetable fruits in your life more and more as you can, milk and meat fish also a necessary part of a healthy life, never eat too much, care your self and think positive for the others,


It concluded that you can not live life with his existence without acting these rules, because everybody in this world has a goal and he wants to achieve it, but without healthy life, you cannot do this