Quarantine, lock down, economic down turn and fear of getting this dreadful disease has made 2020 a very challenging time for our family. My husband – the main breadwinner for our family of 4 – was laid off last November also due to COVID’s economic impact here in Metro Atlanta. The loss of work-sponsored health insurance and the expensive COBRA alternative was not an option we chose at this time since a job offer was forthcoming. Yet, in January the unwanted thing happened – 2 members of our family tested positive for COVID and I was one of them.

Thankfully, by the grace of God, we felt inspired to face these issues head on. Throughout 2020, we have stocked up with immune-boosting supplements to help our bodies be better equipped to fight against this virus. Together with lots of prayers from families & friends – as well as home-based homeopathic protocols – our family won against this dreaded disease.

Here are 5 things our family did to win against COVID at home – these may work for you and your family even though you may not be unemployed or without health insurance:

  1. KEEP THE FAITH. It may seem so unreasonable for people to think that faith can help with COVID, but let me tell you that my faith in God has kept me sane every time I thought about the possibility of one – or all of us – needing a ventilator in the ICU because we can’t breathe. Even though we all had cold-like symptoms and some mild fevers to overcome – I had to fight the many threats of panic attacks that kept creeping up on me – especially when I am fatigued from the flu-like symptoms I was having. Trusting that “God is in control” – was a true lifeline for me and everyone in our family during these past 2 weeks.
  2. BOOST UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS. We have found many people were blessed by shorter duration of COVID because they boosted up their immune systems with Vitamins C, D, B12, Spirulina, Omega-3s, Probiotics, Zinc and other anti-oxidants. We also added a powerful plant-based functional food product called HemoHIM (developed by the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute) to increase the production of red & white blood cells to augment our body’s natural immune boosting capabilities and help oxygenate our blood. Now not all supplements are created equal; we chose a brand that has high quality natural products vs. those that are mostly synthetic. I believe that taking these supplements has helped us keep the COVID symptoms we were experiencing from getting worse – and we all recovered sooner than 14 days.
  3. AVOID DAIRY PRODUCTS. With the threat of being unable to breathe due to inflammation caused by this COVID virus – we eliminated dairy products during these past 2 weeks to keep the mucus and phlegm production to almost nil. We enjoyed hot soups and herbal concoctions like turmeric, ginger, lemon & honey to help soothe our chilled bones and sore muscles. We immediately started enjoying our favorite dairy products when we all overcame our flu & cold symptoms.
  4. STEAM BREATHING PROTOCOL AT HOME WORKS! This very traditional – even unheard of protocol in modern hospital settings has been a wonderful breathing treatment for my son & I (we were the ones who tested positive for the virus). We covered our heads with a blanket over a bowl of boiling water and added 1/2 tsp of a eucalyptus/menthol based rub & 1 tsp of Himalayan pink salt diluted in the water to breathe in through our nose & mouth. We did this daily for at least 15 minutes at a time. This cleared up our sinuses and lung passages like a small miracle every time!
  5. OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS ALSO HELP. We used our favorite generic day & night time flu medicines to help manage our fevers, coughing and muscle aches. It also helped with being able to rest all throughout the day and night as needed.
    We feel so blessed for the many people who prayed for our speedy recovery and offered food or help during the past 2 weeks. May these homemade remedies also help you and your family stay strong against this virus and the possible new strains that are coming…even while you wait for the availability of vaccines in your area.