Do you know someone who “has it all,” but they’re constantly depressed, angry, sick, or in the hospital? From a distance, this person has all the makings of a successful individual, but they’re consistently struggling to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. Conversely, have you engaged with a person who, from first impressions, has everything going against them, but they’re always a pleasure to be around?

When we examine the underpinnings of each of these cases, we find something odd: their happiness and positive attitude have no root in their material possessions, achievements, health markers, or financial success. If you’ve ever wondered why some people are overflowing with joy and wellness while others struggle from day to day, here’s what you need to know.

Science and Medicine Are Changing
The medical industry, which prides itself on black-and-white facts with roots based on science, is coming around to the fact that wellness starts from within. For instance, physician assistant programs in Illinois and elsewhere are putting increased emphasis on psychology to improve patient outcomes.

People who practice gratitude and compassion can lead healthier lives than their non-practicing counterparts. Moreover, medical facilities have begun seeing substantial results in patients classified as “positive” compared to those who go through the motions begrudgingly. While this may seem trivial on the surface, patients who have a positive mindset heal faster, recover efficiently, and spend less time in recovery.

The Unmeasurable Factors That Comprise a “Good” Life

Unlike having a healthy cardiovascular system or a strong heart, wellness is a topic that escapes the grasp of modern-day science and medicine. As our earlier example demonstrated, some individuals have all the makings of a healthy lifestyle but cannot get from point A to point B without leaving a chaotic mess in their wake.

The reason for this is because wellness, in its purest form, is a state of mind, not a checklist of medical acronyms, definitions, and markers. And, unlike diabetes or high cholesterol, we cannot measure a patient’s wellness through blood tests, electrocardiograms, or sleep analysis.

But what metrics lead to a happy and healthy lifestyle? While there is a myriad of responses to that question depending on who you ask, here are the most common factors of wellness that we see within the population:

  • Confidence
  • Self-care
  • Pride
  • Productivity
  • Calm mind
  • Intentionality
  • Compassion
  • Creativity

When an individual decides to incorporate these factors into their lifestyle, wellness blossoms like never before. But how does one begin living a life that promotes wellness and health?

Saying “Yes” to Your Potential

First and foremost, health and wellness practices need to be practiced daily; it doesn’t fall out of the sky or suddenly appears. With that said, the first step towards living your best life is by appreciating what you have. While you may not be where you want to be, being grateful for the clothes on your back, food in your stomach, friends around you, and family members are essential.

And if you’re having trouble clarifying what blessings you’ve received thus far, get out a piece of paper and let your mind express itself. In one column, write down the areas that bring joy and happiness. On the other, write down things that drain your energy and cause anxiety to mount. After you finish, look at your list, and you will see how your blessings outweigh your negatives by a substantial amount.

Start Today

For readers who want to become the best version of themselves, focusing on their mental well-being is the first step towards wellness. Remember that a daily commitment to wellness practices can mean the difference between a healthy life and one that’s lackluster and filled with medical issues.

More importantly, your newfound passion for leading a healthy and happy lifestyle will inspire people around you to do the same. And when that happens, your entire community will change for the better. Let go of your past and say “hello” to your future!