I never knew just how much clothes could impact how we work. Granted, I was aware that wearing certain types of clothes made me feel more confident. For instance, wearing a pencil skirt and a cute blouse made me feel “Yes, I’ve got this”. Whereas seeing an ex-boyfriend when I’m wearing baggy old jeans makes me want to turn into a fly, and ahem, fly away. But did you know that what we wear directly affects how we work?

For a long time, I had to wear a uniform. Whether it was during my childhood years in a Catholic school or in my multiple jobs thereafter in the hospitality sector, I had to wear a uniform. It wasn’t something I had a say in. Nor in the fabric, the design, neither the length of the skirt hem (Sister Maria certainly would not approve!). So when I finally worked as a freelancer from my home, I literally felt free. Free to wear what I please!

Working from home in my PJs

This was the dream come true. Because my commute consisted of walking from the bed to my living room  (and at times not even leaving the bed!), I initially did not bother getting out of my sleepwear. Working as a freelance writer, all I had to do was sit at my laptop and write articles. No client meetings, no in-person encounters. Staying in my pajamas soon became the norm. Working in PJs is the best thing ever, right? Not so…

The motivation runs dry. Working from home holds enough distractions to take your mind off the work at hand. But being in PJs all day makes your level of motivation plummet quickly.

It saps your productivity. Clothes serve a purpose. Sportswear are comfortable so you can move around freely in them while you tone. Elegant clothes make you look presentable and feel great about yourself. Wearing anything that is best for relaxation or sleep tends to have that effect on you – it gets you all chilled. 

Dressing presentably 

I decided to try wearing presentable clothes for a month and see what impact it would have on my work. The results were astonishing – within the first week, I was more focused. I had a better work flow, and took my work more seriously. 

All it took was to dress presentably. You don’t have to wear a full-on suit and blazer, if you work from home, but simply dressing in lovely clothes will impact you in a positive way. Even better, if you’re working from home, being already dressed will encourage you to leave the house a bit even if it’s to grab a croissant from the nearby coffee shop or collect mail. Not only will you have a flourishing work life but a fantastic social life too!