Keep reading as the experts at Superdraft explain how your home can be beautifully designed by an architect and how hiring one really can help and allow you to design your dream home. 

If you’ve gotten the chance to design and build a home, first of all, what an amazing opportunity. Secondly, get professionals on board to help with as many stages of this process as possible. For many, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true. 

The master bedroom and bath you’ve seen in magazines…constructing a kitchen Martha Stewart would be envious of…the man cave you’ve always wanted? Let’s make it all happen! But don’t go this one alone. Your first task is finding the perfect architect to help you create your vision of building or remodeling your home. 

You can visit stores that help in kitchen and bathroom design. You can clip photos out of magazines or print them from online sites. You can write out all of those items you absolutely have to have in your dream home, along with a list of things you absolutely don’t. But how do you pull it all together? How do you make those visions and dreams a reality? YOU don’t. But an architect will. 

Of course YOU’RE going to play a HUGE role in the creation of this home (whether it’s a new build or a remodel). It’s your dream after all, so work with an architect and a contractor who are going to ensure what you’ve only dreamed of actually becomes reality. 

An architect will help with design, from WHERE to build the home on your property, to HOW to build the home. He or she is going to take your sketches, photos, ideas, likes and dislikes, and craft drawings that will make it all come to life. The architect will map out building materials, draw up and submit necessary permits, prepare scaled drawings that can be used not only for permits but also for mortgage companies or others requesting this information, and will be the go-to for the contractor when questions arise. 

With all that being said, let’s focus on designing your home with an architect.

  1. If you have a new build, the architect is going to figure out the very best location for your home on your property or lot. It’s part of their job to access the landscape and determine where construction will take place.
  2. If it’s a remodel, the architect is going to ensure any changes made take into consideration structural safety while the design is being created.
  3. An architect will take your sketches, the online photos you’ve collected, the visions you’ve created, and will create very detailed drawings, based on all of these, plus keep your likes and dislikes at the forefront.
  4. He or she will be able to fill in the gaps, will be able to create portions of the vision you hadn’t even thought of, and will be able to add them to your design. Your architect will also not only be able to see the big picture, but will also be able to create every little step it will take to build that picture.
  5. Drawings will begin with preliminary drawings and will evolve each time with more and more details and specifications, until you’ve reached the final drawing.
  6. Architects are responsible for designing so the home is built or remodeled according to local building codes and meets all safety standards. Those are likely areas you hadn’t yet considered (nor do you really need to be concerned with when you’ve hired an architect). 
  7. The architect you hire will be responsible for clearly showing the contractor (through drawings and on-site visits) EXACTLY how the home should be built or remodeled. Any design questions will be answered and any issues resolved, not only with the contractor, but also with the plumber, the electrician, etc. 

The dream, the vision, the beginning phases of creating your perfect home or remodel are going to be completely up to you. From here, let an architect take these components to help create and implement a design that perfectly represents your desires and helps construct the perfect home. 

The final reason that we want to go into a little bit more in design is that you should be selective when choosing an architect to plan your home. You want one that knows and understands your style. Ask them to see other work they have done so that you can compare your style to the homes they have built and see if they match in style. Another thing that you want to do is talk to some of these people. Ask them if they stayed in budget, ask them how the architect was to work with, ask them what their favorite parts and least favorite parts about working with the architect were. These are all very important things that should be taken into consideration. 

As you can see, there are so many amazing and beautiful ways that you can be designing your dream home to live in. Just continue to look up different things, continue to research different architects to that you can learn your exact style, continue to learn about the industry. They will end up being able to make you your dream home that you are so happy about for years to come. 

We hope that this article helped and you are on your way to having an architect design you your perfect home!