Every moment there are decisions. How will I arrive at this moment? For myself? For others? We are in a time of great awakening. The world is being asked to wake up and to show up differently with this new knowledge and wisdom. It’s a time to leave how things were behind and create a new world that places humanity, our earth, and justice at the forefront. A time to have full awareness of our interconnectedness. We have been living in a false world that has emphasized separateness between each other and the ground we live on.

How each of us shows up to these moments will look different. Our capacity, space, influence, talents, and fervor unique based on our current reality and past experiences.

Racism is systemic hate. If you have ever experienced it, it stays with you. It’s a wound that takes along time to heal, a long time to forgive, and harder to heal and forgive when you have to keep experiencing it. I thought so many of these wounds were healed in me, yet as I see so many around me inflicted, new punctures jab slightly. I cannot compare my wounds to theirs, and that is not the point, but I can honor their wounds if I can honor my own.

So how do I show up in this moment? A burning question I can only ask my soul, for any external change is driven by internal change. We must start within.

A conversation with my soul. 

Oh dear sister soul, how would you have me rise today? I still feel wounded and bruised? How can I fight when blows to others reignite my pain?

My dear sister love, rise how your heart is calling. Listen, ask it, then listen again.

Heal those wounds, honor your pain. Only then you can honor the pain and wounds of your sisters and brothers.

Sit in your silence to hear your call. But do not be silenced. Love in your actions. 

Dear sister soul, there is so much pain and suffering, how do my actions help when the problem is so great?

Rise as you wish others had risen for you. Speak as you wish others had spoken for you. Act as YOUR heart asks, follow actions with love in the action.

Honor the pain in others you see. Share a new virus of love and compassion, to counterbalance the virus of hate that has spread.

Have full awareness to the injustices, but do not get consumed by them. Breathe, pause, listen, then take inspired action from your heart.

Honor the oneness of humanity while honoring the differences. Connect with the oneness of the earth you stand on.

Know the weapons for this battle are love, compassion, and awareness. Do not mind the swords of hateful words and actions you see and might feel. 

Dear sister, fear not. Love more. Rise more, Speak more. 

Sit in your silence, hear your call, spread your love, honor your pain, rise tall, speak loud, act with love. 

Dear Sister, balance rising and resting. Keep listening.

You are being called. You will show your love in action your way. It will ignite love in action in others.

Love in action is how we win this fight. Love in action is how we unite humanity again.

Have you talked to your soul lately? Have you asked it what it wants of you in this moment or have you been consumed by the media? We have an opportunity to make a shift within ourselves. A permanent shift, not something we do for a week or a month or we simply post about on social media.

“To bring about unity we must first acknowledge the ways in which both we and the world have been divisive (personally, ancestrally, and collectively): the shadows, hate, wounds, separation, severing, wrongs, and sadness.” –Rebecca Campbell

Now is a time to listen, to not disregard other’s pain, to not assume what someone’s experience has been or is. We are all ONE, but we are all uniquely and beautifully different. When we can respect, honor, and celebrate our differences and treat each other as the same, we will see bigger shifts.

Connect with your soul to take love in action, as Deepak often speaks of. To sit in silence of meditation is good to cultivate love and kindness and compassion within, yet then we must act in the way we are called. To use our voice, our votes, our decisions, our businesses in a way that benefit humanity, our earth, and the greater collective. To sit solely in silence is complacency. If we do not act due to fear, we become an accomplice to the problem. So listen to your soul, it’s calling to you, to show up in this moment as only you would. To share your gifts as only you would. First you must listen.


  • Georgina Miranda

    CEO She Ventures || Adventure Athlete|| Transformation Coach|| Speaker || Activist

    Georgina has helped people and companies transform for over a decade. She is a social entrepreneur, adventure athlete, international speaker, writer, transformation coach, consultant, mindfulness and energy practitioner, and founder and CEO of She Ventures. An adventure athlete, Georgina is in the process of completing the Explorer Grand Slam, a grueling challenge of climbing the highest peak on each continent and skiing to the North and South Pole. A feat that less than 20 women have completed globally. This journey has taken her to climb Mt. Everest twice, and began in 2008, when she could barely run a mile. Her mission is to share the stories of women and places at risk highlighting gender-based violence and climate change. She also shares how mindfulness and a shift in mindset was the key to her own personal transformation. Featured & Quoted In: Forbes, Vox, Glamour, NBC News, Mindful Magazine, Intel, Women’s Health, Huff Post, Latina, and many more media outlets and films. She uses her voice and adventures to advocate for women’s rights and equality, climate change, and mental wellness. A Latina with Indigenous Central American Ancestry and the daughter of immigrants from Nicaragua and El Salvador. An activist, mountaineer, skier, world traveler, yogi, meditator, reiki practitioner, & overall adventurer inside and out.