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COVID-19 has opened a pandora’s box for all nations across the globe. Right from blame game dominating the scene to manufacturing vaccines, the pandemic has its way of upsetting the equilibrium not only from the economic point of view but socially too. The worst affected are the children, rather than the students studying in schools, colleges, and universities.

While the scenario is not so grave for the kindergarten kids except that they are confined within the four walls and not being able to enjoy their evenings at the parks, the students studying at universities, aiming for excellent grades, and a bright career are suffering the most.

You will hear about aspiring students with commendable grades that are not being able to enroll in reputed colleges and institutes due to lack of funds. While few have lost their bread earners to a battle of COVID-19, few are students whose parents have lost their jobs due to cost-cutting endeavors wherein the bulk workforce is laid off to save money.

Scholarship comes to students’ rescue

Scholarships like these are proving to be of immense help for students that are not being able to pay for their tuition or college fees. To this effect, the mental trauma that has resulted due to the pandemic could be managed to some extent.

Many students due to scholarships like Josh Gibson MD Scholarship have managed to retain their college or university seats. The ones that were not eligible for the scholarships either had to give up their seats midway or halt their studies till the time they do not have adequate funds.

The problem due to COVID-19 is such that while few households are finding it difficult to make ends meet due to loss of job during the pandemic as a cost-cutting effort of the business entities, few have had a pay cut, while others are busy meeting medical expenses for their loved ones that are fighting for their lives in the Intensive Care Units of expensive hospitals.

Instances of the impact of COVID-19 on mental health

You might have come across many stories and incidents that reveal the agony and woes of the common man.

  1. Many have resorted to finishing their lives or have at least attempted to do so.
  2. You will come across many that have lost all their money in their fight against Coronavirus.
  3. Many have depleted all their savings to provide the best possible treatment for their dear ones or tried to retain the seat of their kid at the university by paying the fees from the last bit of savings.
  4. More and more people are reporting anxiety and panic attacks even after they have recovered from COVID-19.
  5. Doctors are treating various secondary infections due to COVID-19, which again attracts a lot of expense, requires isolation, or buying expensive medicines.

It is a sad state of affairs for everyone across the globe. The only difference is that every individual is suffering at his or her end and everyone’s problem is different. While some are in academic distress, others have financial commitments to meet.