Just reading the word, “interview” does it make your heart beat a bit faster, your throat close and your mouth go dry? For many people interviews immediately bring up fear and stress. Yet, if you pause for a moment, life really is a series of mini-interviews. In each moment we are asking people for information and giving it. It’s a mutual exchange.

Life is an ultimate interview, first with you. Each morning on some level you ask yourself a question. What should I do today? Then you may hear the little follow up interviews with yourself. I have to get gas in the car, where do I go? I need groceries, where do I shop? Those “self” interviews become interviews with gas attendants and grocery clerks.

In life, it is said; it is done unto you, as you believe. Do you believe interviews are for interrogation or information exchange? You get to choose what type of interview your life is taking.

Most of us immediately think of interviews as an interrogation. What if we believed that interviews were simply conversations of curiosity and discovery?

As you approach your daily life reframe each conversation as the ultimate interview. Here are 5 steps to ace the interview of life. And, if you are doing a traditional interview these mindfulness techniques will work in that setting too.

1. Pause and feel the energy you are feeling. (joy, stress, excitement, concern, sadness, fun)

2. As you approach the other person pause to see and sense what energy they may be in. Do they “feel” like they are in a good mood or bad mood?

3. Determine your response, begin with your body language. Put on a smile. Carefully choose your words.

4. As an open-ended question that will invite conversation.

5. Listen to the answer.

When you re-frame life as the ultimate interview of curiosity and discovery you can respond from positive fun. Respond from a place of unity and mutual benefit and all your interactions will be more joy-filled.

When you simplify living in our chaotic world it comes down to an exchange of beliefs, thoughts, and actions, interviews. When you mindfully choose to participate in the interview of life from the energy of connection and unity you will find the world supports you in that curiosity and discovery. Have fun!