Wing Chung is a form of martial art that was created to teach women self-defense. Wing Chung originated in China thousands of years ago when crimes against women such as rape and attacks on villages were rampant.

Over the years, Wing Chun has been embraced by various people and cultures around the World. One of the most important things this form of art provides is a strong, healthy body and a sound mind.

Here is how Wing Chun works to give you a healthy mind and body.

The body

Wing Chun gives strength to the arms and legs providing a strong flexible body.

The arms, legs & body

Wing Chun mainly focuses on elbow strikes made towards an opponent. This is probably because traditionally, Chinese women wore long, bulky dresses that made it hard to use kicks. However, there is one kicking style that is used. It is called the “forward kick” also known as the front kick. This kick is what strengthens the legs. It is a kick done by using the knee at close range. This is similar to doing step ups. Remember step ups strengthen the leg muscles giving you strong legs.

Similarly, Wing Chun strengthens the arms. During training sessions, teachers teach their students to carry out long stretches in the arms but also for the entire body. Stretches similar to those done by a gymnast.

The arm movements are in the form of punch like actions related to exercising on a punching bag. This way you have flexible hands, a strong well built upper body, firm arms and a well-weighed body.

Wing Chun burns fat and helps lose weight

Although this martial art was intended to prepare women for fights, as one practices, the stretches the body makes enables one to lose fat especially stubborn belly fat. Research shows that one can lose 300-500 calories during a 1hour kickboxing work out.

The mind

Before a Wing Chun session begins, masters treat their students to a meditation assembly. The most popular meditation technique used is the Sil Lum Tao technique. Here slow movements are made with hands stuck together while focusing on the inner self.

This helps to restore balance and stance to the mind and to put the mind away from disturbances and unwanted thoughts.

Interesting about Wing Chun is that compared to other martial arts where a lot of force is needed, Wing Chun techniques are performed in a relaxed manner. For example, punches are done in slow motions instead of fast ones. This helps to further relax the mind and overall body.


To make your practice of Wing Chun a success, you need to eat well. Alkaline foods are the way to go when practicing martial arts.

Alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products help to stop the accumulation of alkaline in the muscles.

Don’t forget to always drink lots of water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, before and after Wing Chun sessions.


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