We go through life simply surviving, for the most part.  Going through the motions, doing all that we were programmed to think we “have” to do.  We settle for what we believe is “it”. I’m here to debunk those beliefs! There is another way, in fact there’s a better way! Living a life aligned allows you to thrive, it allows you to experience bliss every single day, not because your life is perfect, but because you are able to find perfect little moments each day and THAT brings you bliss.

For so long I felt lost, I was merely surviving each and every day.  Sure, it appeared I had it all together. I had 3 beautiful children, a nice home, a successful company, we traveled alot, but that wasn’t filling my cup the way I thought it should.

I was raised by hard working parents and I was programmed to believe that in order to succeed, I had to always work hard and do, do, do.  When I felt tired, I sucked it up and pushed a little harder because that’s what I did for recognition. I wanted to do it all so perfectly!

I came to a cross road and I can’t even remember clearly now, but I woke up feeling unhappy with the woman I had become.  I was unhappy with the way I looked, the way I felt, the way I reacted with my children, all of it. Although on the outside it all seemed peachy, on the inside I was a hot mess!

I tried anti-anxiety pills, which I’ve never told a soul before, because that’s not what strong women do, right?!?  I’m anti anything chemical so this was a really hard blow for me. After a week the guilt settled in, what the hell was I doing?!?!  There had to be another way and I was set on finding it.

I decided that if I lost the post baby weight, I’d finally be happy, so I decided to commit and embark on a journey to weight loss.  Lose weight I did, and I felt better, but still not the way I had imagined I’d be feeling once I fit into those size 4 jeans!

I had heard of this “personal development” thing and had thought that it wasn’t for me, I mean I was totally “normal” and didn’t need self help, right?!?  WRONG!!! It took me some time, because again, the programming I had engrained in me told every fiber of my being that I did not need any of that, I needed to do this on my own, like a real woman!  

I dove in, secretly, reading all the books, watching all the documentaries, hoping and waiting for the big shift, the big changes that were supposed to occur in my life…nothing!  Obviously this whole personal development thing was surely a scam! Until I had the wild idea that, perhaps, I needed to start implementing all these things I was reading about, all these technique that I was seeing…

I started doing just that and things began to shift.  All was subtle, but I was noticing the changes, I was noticing my perception shifting.  The more I was shifting, the better I felt. I was finally feeling the changes I was looking for.  I started focusing on what I was grateful for, all the positivity in my life. I started standing as the observer of my life and was finally able to see things more clearly.  

In November 2016, I read about Marconic energy healing, and although I had no clue what energy healing was at the time, I felt the need to inquire and ended up receiving my Quantum Recalibration & Chakra Unification.  I was hoping yet again for an instantaneous miracle to happen and to finally reach my “final” destination! Much to my surprise I’ve learned that there is no final destination because the magic happens during the journey!  Marconics energy has become a part of my every day life. I’ve grown leaps and bounds and my miraculous transformation has occurred slowly over time, with me doing the daily work to better myself, to go deeper within myself.

You see I have been seeking answers outside of myself my entire life.  Waiting for someone to give me the golden answers to my life’s questions, to my problems.  Since that day in November, I not only put into practice all that I’ve learned, I embody it, I live, breathe, eat and pray it!  I have become connected to myself at Source, I have learned that I AM a powerful being and that my dreams and desires are right here waiting for me to get with the program, so to speak.  I’ve learned that I’m not here to struggle, I’m here to thrive.

Every day I wake up and I feel like a new woman!  I wake up with a fire in my soul to live a life aligned, to live my life on purpose, to live a life where I can impact millions and show them that all of this is possible for them too!  I bask in gratitude for all that is and for all that is to come.

On the days where life throws me curveballs, I no longer wonder “why me”? I wonder, “what is the greater lesson for me here”?  I no longer see things as good or bad, because I know those are merely based on my perception of things. Wayne Dyer said; “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change” and that quote has stuck with me ever since the day I read it.

I know what it’s like to feel lost in a sea of despair, but I also know what it’s like to swim in an ocean of possibilities and that is what I’m here to help other women do.

Marconics has taught me to believe in me, to seek the answers within myself, because they’ve always been there, I merely needed to get still enough to hear them.  In February of 2018, still having no clue why, I deceided to taie an 8 day intensive course to become a Certified Advanced Marconics Practitioner. I thougth it would be good for my family and myself.  Well, the Universe had other plans! I’m now offering Marconics Energy Healing as part of my services because I know how powerful this modality is and how it has changed my life, quite literally.

Along this journey I’ve come truly live aligned; mind, body & soul.  I’ve learned and accepted that it’s not about perfection but progress.  It’s about me showing up for me every single day, in every way!

So to all of you readers that are feeling stuck, that are feeling despair and that are feeling alone, I say this: “You are stronger than you think!  All your dreams and desires are there for the taking, you simply need to show up for yourself daily. You need to choose to believe in yourself, to love yourself, to connect within yourself, because until you do, you will not be able to live your best life.  Trust the process, trust the Universe and more importantly, trust yourself. You have all it takes right now! Don’t be too quick to judge yourself, be patient with yourself and if you fall, you get back up and you move forward. The only way to live your life aligned and to experience bliss every single day, is to show up and do your best.  Wake up every day with a grateful heart and witness the magic that will unfold.


  • Jennifer Gagnon

    Holistic Health Coach & Advanced Marconics Practitioner

    Whole Health With Jen

    Jen is a certified Holistic Health Coach who helps her clients become crystal clear on their desires, remove toxicity and blocks from all areas of their lives, and finally start living a life of freedom. She combines her expertise in holistic health, mindset work, and energy healing to ensure her clients fully embody these shifts. Jen is a firm believer that in order to live your best life now, you need to align, mind, body and soul.   She’s certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as a certified Advanced Marconics Practitioner, trained by the founder herself, Alison David-Bird (energy healing modality). Marconics is a powerful energy healing modality that allows the client to raise their vibration above the frequency of fear that has shackled them to their story.     She’s been a guest at several womens summits and featured in Unchain Your Inner Strength Magazine and podcast as well as Thrive Global and The Elephant Journal. She writes regularly at www.jengagnon.rocks/blog.