Cheer Up, Beautiful Future You Gift Box

Life is a constant rollercoaster. There are trials and tribulations, days of heartbreak, weeks of happiness, and everything in between. Throw in a global pandemic and it can be outright exhausting.

Now, more than ever women are searching for meaningful ways to maintain connection, celebrate milestones, and reach out to the people they love, wherever they may be. At the same time, many women have shared another experience as well: a need for hope; a need to know that there are better days ahead and an easier path around the corner.

Imagine if your future self could speak to you from the future, and tell you personally about the magnificent things that await you there? What if she told you that your future is brighter than you ever imagined was possible? And imagine if, along with the letter from your future self, you received a beautiful gift box full of items that make you smile, bring you comfort, and remind you of your magnificence. How would that make you feel?

That feeling is what is at the core of the Future You Project, and that’s the kind of life changing experience this brand has been able to share with countless women across North America since they launched their gifting program in early 2021.

“These gifts create hope, spread joy and remind women of their power, in a way that feels uniquely personal to them and has a meaningful and lasting impact.”

Jennifer Zawadzki, CEO and Co-Founder of The Future You Project

Women Supporting Women

Built on the belief that when women support one another, incredible things happen, the Future You Project has created personalized gift experiences where the sender can choose a letter written and signed from the perspective of the recipients “future self”. The letters are beautifully written, and offer encouragement, sisterhood, humor, love, and most importantly, a glimpse into the glorious future that is headed their way.

Unlike any other gift you can send a loved one, the Future You Project gift experiences encourage a mindset shift.”These gifts create hope, spread joy and remind women of their power, in a way that feels uniquely personal to them and has a lasting impact.”

CEO and Co-founder, Jennifer Zawadzki says, “Having received the original gifts and letters from Future Jen, I am a living testament as to how these gifts can create significant changes in your outlook, positivity and overall feelings of joy and hope. Our goal at the Future You Project is to bring lasting positive impact to someone you care about.”

Where flowers or another gift may cheer up the recipient or remind them that someone cares, the Future You Project gift experiences help the recipient start to see themselves, and their future differently.

Future You Gift Boxes

Each curated gift box is themed with a unique sentiment such as “You are so Loved”, “Cheer Up, Beautiful”, “Soul Sisters”, “Deepest Condolences”, “Believe and Achieve” and many others, so you can send exactly the right message, at exactly the right time.

5-Week Gift Experiences

There is power in repetition. That is why The Future You Project also has a 5-week gifting experience where each week, for five weeks, the recipient will receive a different gift and letter from her future self with inspirational messages that mirror the theme you choose to send. The final gift will include a beautifully curated gift box that includes a “Sent with Love From” card, allowing the recipient to discover the sender at the end of the five weeks. You can also choose to remain anonymous.