There are many circumstances in our world that may cause anxiety – being sick, losing a job, managing difficulty in a relationship, and so on.

Nonetheless, you may cultivate the inner power necessary to overcome anxiety about the difficult situations around you. Pursuing wonder may help keep your life from contracting to the level of the situations that cause you anxiety.

When you come face to face with amazement and awe, you get a new perspective on your situation, which may help you overcome worry. Here’s how amazement may assist you in overcoming fear:

Wonder Has the Power to Change Your Perspective

Discovering and appreciating the wonders around you shifts your focus away from your worries and onto the wonderful possibilities that exist for you.

Wonder can assist you in putting aside your fears and focusing on the positive aspects of your situation.

Worry is ineffective in preventing bad events from occurring in your life. Worry, on the other hand, will achieve nothing beneficial for you. As a result, worrying is totally pointless, and it wastes precious time and energy.

Rather of becoming concerned when you are frightened, opt to seek wonder. Do something that fills your spirit with wonder.

Extend your horizons by stargazing, taking a wonder stroll, praying or meditating, laughing with a loved one, listening to music, or savouring a meal, among other activities. The opportunities to encounter amazement are limitless. The trick is to look for amazement on purpose. By purposefully going toward amazement, you educate your mind to become more conscious of it.

When you discover amazement, your viewpoint changes and your frame of mind rises beyond anxiety.

According to studies, wonder may help alleviate anxiety. According to a research conducted at the University of California – Riverside, a feeling of curiosity may help alleviate the anxiety associated with waiting for unclear news. Participants in that research were required to wait to hear about test results that concerned them: their IQ scores and peer perception evaluations.

The group who was awed by an awe-inspiring film of a dawn accompanied by music showed substantially less anxiety and more positive feelings than the other participants.

Wonder may help you overcome your worries. If you are ready to seek wonder deliberately despite your fear of what may happen, you will encounter emotions of amazement that will broaden your perspective and assist you in finding hope.

Wonder Can Motivate You to Discover Peace

Encountering awe may motivate you to pursue serenity via spiritual activities that are personally important to you. People of different religious traditions associate amazement with calm. According to a Pew Research Center study, 59% of Americans report experiencing a profound sense of spiritual calm and well-being at least once a week, while 46% express a profound sense of awe about the cosmos on a weekly basis.

Prayer and meditation, two particularly beneficial techniques for alleviating anxiety, are also beneficial for finding amazement. Both prayer and meditation have been shown in research to decrease anxiety and increase people’s sense of wonder.

Whenever someone or something causes you to worry, opt to pray or meditate on that troubling idea rather than dwell in it. Release your worry intentionally and ask for the assistance you need to handle your situation successfully.

There are an infinite number of various methods to pray or meditate. One technique that is easy to integrate into a hectic schedule is to recite “breath prayers” (praying a word or short phrase that you can express in the time it takes you to breathe in and out once). Breath prayers may assist you in rapidly finding serenity.

Wonder encourages you to seek beyond your circumstances for a larger source of hope – and in doing so, you will develop a feeling of calm that will outweigh your concerns.

Worry is not a worthwhile use of your time or energy. You may put an end to your worries and begin to experience serenity by looking for the wonders that surround you. Once you develop the practise of seeking amazement, you will eventually come upon it – along with the power necessary to overcome anxiety.