These days, digital marketing has become essential for every business, but the fact is that some sectors are more suited for it as compared to others. In today’s technology driven environment, networks and relationships get built through various digital marketing strategies such as social media marketing on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. More and more companies are beginning to understand the need to make their presence known in the digital space due to which various brands from different sectors are trying to leave their footprint in the online world. Statistics show that nearly 82% of the businesses have implemented a digital marketing strategy.

However, in the midst of all this digital marketing, there are some industries and sectors that seem to be faring better than others. They are getting maximum returns from their digital marketing efforts. Which ones are they? Let’s take a look:

Entertainment Industry

It has become the norm for entertainment companies to use various social media networks for sharing all kinds of information such as photos, trailers, live videos, behind-the-scenes and lots more. Strategic marketing can be very helpful to these companies because they can use it for pushing their customers to record an episode offline, go for a movie and get the likes. Businesses are able to market specific entertainment products to their target demographics by making use of the personal information of users available on social media combined with in-depth analytics.

Auto Industry

Marketing has always been a crucial part of the auto industry that range from flashy television commercials to slick magazine advertisements. Marketing has remained constant, but now digital media has replaced others as the prime channel of the auto industry for reaching out to potential users and engaging them successfully. According to the numbers, a number of auto companies are gradually increasing their spending on digital marketing every year. This is because it allows them to make use of targeted advertising through which they can market directly to potential customers.

Health Industry

Before the age of the internet, when people got sick, their first step was to make an appointment with the doctor. Things have changed since then because nowadays when anyone feels ill, the first thing they do is check the internet to find out more information regarding their symptoms. Yes, it is true that nothing can actually take away the importance held by doctors, but people still prefer to do an online search because it is more accessible than doctors and very quick too.

This is one of the primary reasons why a large number of healthcare organizations are putting their efforts and money into launching digital marketing campaigns. From a decent website to a strong social media existence, the health sector is realizing that a strategic approach can work wonders in bringing in patients. Digital marketing companies like DevicePharm have helped various healthcare organizations in boosting their number of patients and reaching out to their target audience.

Food Industry

As far as food is concerned, people are fiercely and emotionally connected to things they love to eat and brands producing those food items. Food businesses are also cashing in on the digital marketing inclination and are designing entire campaigns concentrating on mouth-watering images of food thereby leading to a great degree of customer interest and engagement. The food industry doesn’t have to depend on a book or a recipe to get them the numbers they need. Now, customers go online and watch videos pertaining to food that are short and create the right effect.

Suffice it to say that digital marketing is boosting traffic and sales remarkably for these sectors and others can also follow suit with the right strategies.


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