In today’s 21st century, now more than ever, technology has changed the way we communicate, conduct business, stay in contact with friends, and family, and ultimately has become an essential element of our lives. I can remember at the age of five, being most concerned with maintaining my crush on the cutest little boy in my kindergarten class and learning how to read stories, while occasionally watching daytime soap operas with my grandmother during days off from School. Today, as I observe my beautiful and incredible five year old little girl, what it seems she’s most concerned with is using Mommy’s ipad, Frozen now available on netflix, and the next time She can watch her Tasty cooking video from my Facebook page. She will color with crayons, and read children’s books, but much different from her dear old mom, Smart phones, smart TVs, tablets, e-readers and touch screens have become a primary element in her life. What I have learned still remains constant, even in our world of technology, is the need to spend quality time together, without disruption or distraction. Our little girls look up to us and inherently, want to be just like us. Imagine that? All we want is for them to grow up to be smart, amazing, beautiful, and successful women, and they look up at us and say, yes mommy, just like you.

As we embark on the arduous task of working full time, building businesses, writing books, helping clients, and making a difference for the world, we can’t forget to make a difference in the lives of our family members, specifically our daughters, sons, and spouses to start. Remember, while embarking on a successful career or business journey, don’t build your personal life outside of your business or career strategy, but rather build it into your strategy. My business coach Mia has always said to me, my life informs my business. That has proven truth, after all, as working moms, we work hard to provide, be an example, and to show our children what they too can accomplish, leaving a legacy behind that will give them the foundation for generations to come. But, what are we teaching them through our behaviors that they need, and can’t buy with money?

Rest assured, there is hope! Today, you have everything you need to design a wealthy lifestyle of harmony and abundance. Most will refer to a notion of living a “balanced” life, but oddly enough when I think of balancing, a few images come mind that are less than pleasant. The first is a clown juggling balls in the air at set a rhythm that if the wind blows his or her direction, will inevitably cause all balls to fall. The second image I think of is learning to ride a bike for the first time without the training wheels…trying to balance your weight just right while focusing on peddling with all your might and praying you don’t roll over a rock that may send you over onto the grass. When I visualize harmony, I see beautiful colors all flowing together masterfully as a work of art, or musical notes all fitting together smoothly to construct beautiful melodies that flow in sync with one another. The major difference that I see with with balancing versus harmony can be summed up very simply. It’s the difference between survival and thriving. It’s the difference between life support and fully functioning lungs and organs. It’s the difference between living your life as it comes and taking the reigns to build the life you want.

Here are three strategies to help you design your own wealthy lifestyle. Even if you haven’t accomplished your personal wealth goals just yet, it is vitally important to create your wealthy lifestyle now. Your lifestyle is defined as the art of living. What picture have you painted? Remember, as Jim Rohn says, “The key to happiness is not more. More money will only make you more of what you already are.”

Here are three strategies to help you design your own wealthy lifestyle. Even if you haven’t accomplished your personal wealth goals just yet, it is vitally important to create your wealthy lifestyle now. Your lifestyle is defined as the art of living. What picture have you painted? Remember, as Jim Rohn says, “The key to happiness is not more. More money will only make you more of what you already are.”

  1. Establish a system of core values for yourself that include all aspects of your life: spiritual, family, health, business, hobbies, charity, etc. When you develop your system of personal values, it will become much easier to make decisions that are
    aligned to who you really are, based on those values. For example, when you have to choose between working late again on a Friday night, or taking 30 minutes and grabbing the little ones for an impromptu ice cream break, the choice will
    become easier.
  2. Establish a system of accountability to regularly audit your goals. All teachers, mentors, coaches will recommend that we have specific goals we are consistently taking action on and I agree. Do make sure you also have family and personal (non-business)
    goals that you have developed and are actively working toward. Any goal that you have should include three critical components: what, when and why. If your income goal is multi/seven figures and you are taking daily action to accomplish that goal, in
    like manner, you should also have clear concise goals for what you want to have, see, become with your spouse, children, and parents. Love, peace, and joy are a currency of wealth that cannot be purchased with our accomplishments or accolades. They can all
    be attained with healthy, meaningful relationships, nurtured with time and experiences. I recommend a monthly audit that you review with a trusted friend, mentor, or coach that can be transparent with you regarding your progress, action, or improvement needed.
  3. Establish a system to regularly demonstrate love and generosity to yourself and to others. The Bible says we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves. What if you don’t love yourself? Or what it you’re not sure? What if you feel as it you’ve
    lost yourself in the whirlwinds of life? The great news is that you can begin to relearn who you are, and demonstrate love to yourself by honoring, respecting, and valuing your own life as a precious gift. I’m not talking about the super successful serial entrepreneur,
    or the award winning speaker or author, but the woman that sees her slight imperfections, and still embraces the beauty of the masterpiece. Love, Honor, and value the smart and sassy, caring and corky, funny and fabulous woman that you are. Don’t allow your
    past mistakes, insecurities, failures, or successes define your ability to love, honor, and value the precious gift that you are. When you love and demonstrate that love to yourself and to others because of who you are, you will experience fulfillment, joy,
    and confidence, knowing you are helping to make your world a better place.

Nikita Lawrence, The Wealth Success Leadership Strategist, Team Synergy Expert, and Author of the Amazon best seller, The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber is a certified speaker, trainer and coach. She enjoys helping CEO moms reach the peak of their potential while designing a lifestyle of wealth, harmony, and clarity. Learn more strategies on life and business success at


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