When busy parents are rushing to work and their child is showing reluctance to let them leave, this may be a symptom of separation anxiety. Here are parenting tips to help the situation out:

  1. Make sure you have set enough time so you have a spare half hour instead of being rushed.
  2. If your child likes to be touched, give her a hug for reassurance.
  3. Stay calm and your child will calm down, too.
  4. Tell your child exactly where you are going and for how long,
  5. Tell your child you will call or text them when you get to work.
  6. Distract your child by discussing their day to revamp their perspective.
  7. Remind your child of the singular trusted adult who you are leaving them with as you do each day to help them feel secure .
  8. Talk with the adult and your child for a few minutes calmly about your plans .
  9. Give your child a little snack or prize to hold while you are away.
  10. Give your child a hug and kiss and wish them a happy day.