Most of us judge people’s worth based on what we see and hear….

Mostly By
The car they drive.
The job they have.
The University they Studied…
The skills they acquired..
The color of the skin …or How handsome/Beautiful …he / She is … 

We look at these clues to tell us whether someone will succeed in life or not…

After all, don’t we all want to bump up our status, wealth and lifestyle?
Don’t we Show off… I guess we All do a bit… ?

According to me ,there’s one factor we often miss that shows someone’s worth even better. That’s…

How much they create vs how much they consume in a day…. i mean Everyday.

Let me explain:-

When someone creates something, they bring something useful to the world.

What is more impressive than someone who owns a million Dollars but sleeps all day, because at the very end, creators keep hustling and Never Settle. They keep innovating

They keep redesigning the world with their creative talents, so ordinary people all across the world can enjoy a more fruitful life.

“The happiest people don’t have everything in life. They just keep creating situations that bring happiness everyday.”

So next time you evaluate someone’s worth, don’t just look at their Swiss watch or a Mercedes Hatchback or perfectly polished resume.

Ask what they do in their free time. How they spend their weekends. What project they’re working on.What New Skill they Have Learnt …

If their answer is anywhere close to laying on the couch, well….you can understand …what I mean…

But if they say they planned up a cool idea for their business or pushed out a new product on the market or learnt a new skill , they’re worth a thousand times more than someone who mindlessly sits and consumes all day….

The genuine appreciation of our worthiness and quality depends on our achieving the state of what I call The Four B’s: Being, Belonging, Believing and Benevolence.

BEING (Personal): People with a sense of Being have a sense of inner peace and self-acceptance, and feel grounded and at ease. They are grateful for who they have become and how they’ve acted with others. 
They have a realistic self-image in that they’re aware of their faults and limitations. They appreciate themselves in spite of their mistakes, imperfections and yes, physical and emotional scars. They’ve been caring and generous to others, and have redeemed and forgiven themselves.

BELONGING (Social): People with a sense of Belonging are members of at least one group or community that is important to them, where they feel liked and appreciated, and they reciprocate those feelings. This could be a family, a congregation, team, or other community. Members feel an organic affiliation and comfort with others who share values and traditions, and provide support, respect and friendship. These relationships prevent the anxieties of loneliness, provide pleasure and enhance life. The warm glow of belonging contributes to physical and emotional health, and quality of life.

BELIEVING (Ethical/Spiritual): A sense of believing refers to guiding values and ethics of behavior. Millions of people venerate a God who gives them comfort and hope, and provides a set of moral rules for their conduct. But one need not believe in a Supreme Being to be ethical. Religious followers are no more principled or compassionate than agnostics and atheists. What is critically important to human beings is their need to believe in a system of moral principles and civil behavior. When we adhere to principles based on religion, or humanism, or other humane social philosophy, our lives are more meaningful, in times of joy as well as pain. When we humans wonder about issues beyond everyday materialism, and are in awe about how mini we are in the millions of universes, we are removed from the fray and transported to a spiritual realm.

BENEVOLENCE: A sense of benevolence is an awareness of how kind and generous we have been, or the positive effects we have had on others. Benevolence is a culmination of the other B’s. Our personal legacies are best represented by our acts of decency and caring to each other. Notwithstanding our history of aggression and violence, we humans are genetically predisposed to be helpful to others in need. We can also learn to behave with more tolerance and generosity. The kindness and goodness we bestow on others throughout our lives is the essence of a sense of benevolence

They are the foundation for our core legacies, which means, “Our Emotional Footprint.

There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you ~ Anonymous 

I’m Saloni Kapoor….

Thanks for reading…

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