I’m writing this in the AM

before I head to Bikram yoga…

Have you tried?

I’m about a year in to my practice

with this style of yoga

and it has taken me that long

to really come to love it.

It seriously was a killer to start –

and I still have days that are a major struggle…

but I love how I feel afterwards –

and during sometimes…

being present in the moment

is not something

I excel at :O)

Typically during class

I have a major AHA moment –

something related to entrepreneurship usually.

The overarching lesson so far…

I was telling myself a lie

that because I had a leg injury

I could never ________ {fill in the blank}.

Wear high heels…

Be strong like I used to be…

Run a mile.

I used this for about 7 years.

If interested, I wrote about my accident & recovery here.


Simply. Not. True.

I wear heels.

I am stronger than before the injury {and have my balance}.

I will run a mile this year.

So shit.

If I was telling myself that little lie

and living it…

what others lies am I telling myself?

No going back when this searing hot truth hits ya.

Next up in top lessons from Bikram yoga…

Breathing is your foundation.

Build strong foundations and the rest will come.

Same is true for your business.

And please do not skip this

I know it’s not the sexy part of biz

but it’s the part that works.

And ensures your lasting success.

I mean, if I didn’t breath

I’d be dead.

Basically the same thing for your biz –

no foundations and your biz dies.

One more for today…

Focus on one small baby step at a time…

this is about remaining present.

It’s amazing when you stay focused in the moment

and worry only about your next baby step…

how far you can go –

and what you can do

that you thought you could not.

Ding, ding…

Same is true in your business.

One baby step at a time produces massive results.

And for goodness sake…

focus on your own two feet

and stop looking around at everyone else.

You’ll stumble…

maybe fall…

and possibly break everything like me.

And a broken business

is not what you’re seeking.

I’m 100% confident on that one.

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  • Michelle McGlade

    MBA, MAc, LAc

    Authentic Self Leadership | Executive Success Coach | Business Growth Expert | Advisor to Dissatisfied High Achievers There’s a stress and burnout epidemic out there and people deeply want to change their approach in work and life. We’re taught to work hard at all costs. I saw it, too. My parents plan for me: go to college, work hard, get a good job. Working hard was my first strategy for success. I worked myself to the bone, and while I looked wildly successful on the outside, I felt unsuccessful inside. I saw the cycle, but couldn’t identify why it was happening, let alone how to fix it. Recently, I recommitted to my success, except now I focus on feeling wildly successful inside despite external appearances. I learned leadership is an inside-out game; when connected and present with myself, outward success came naturally. This work led me here but also work with my clients; high achievers like you and me. We’re not the type to share our struggles, we need a trusted advisor and safe place to let our journey unfold. That’s where I come in. I help high achievers who feel like something’s missing to discover the missing pieces, to feel successful and whole. We’ll determine why: • you feel bored despite success • your professional relationships thrive yet your personal ones don’t • others envy your ”perfect” life but you can’t feel good about it Let’s move you into your zone of genius without getting too “woo.” When working on inner leadership, it’s not about going soft, it’s about how much more power you bring that produces results in life and work. My clients helped me discover this approach. As a consultant, I’d assess their business and team, identify gaps and present solutions. But true transformation occurred when we’d work on the inward game of leadership. THAT is true coaching. I ask hard questions, provide tough love, and say what no one else will say to you. We go deep on what makes you, you. Working hard isn’t the only key to success, it’s about our emotional fitness. The success you seek and happiness you desire is an inside-out game. Let me show you how.