What are you really trying to say when you talk about work-life balance?

What you are implying is that work is not part of our life, which is definitely not the case, since most of us work up to 45 hours per week.

Yet, we can still find balance in our life. Imagine your life as a big pie chart, and work being a big chunk of that chart.

What can you fill the rest of the pie with?

Rest. Play. Adventure. Movement. Stillness. 

Just to name a few. The real balance is the one that allows you to fill your life with more than work. First, you have to decide what you want to fill your pie with. 

Some say we are addicted to the struggle porn. What is struggle porn, you may ask? I came across it in a Medium article: “a masochistic obsession with pushing yourself harder, listening to people tell you to work harder, and broadcasting how hard you’re working.” (Nat Eliason, No More “Struggle Porn”)1

The article is a bit extreme at times (which is something you’ll find more and more in the writing business), yet it has definitely some points we can easily relate to. Working hard is needed, but rest is damn sexy too. 

It’s within the way we look at balance and our life that we can shape our own reality.

Truth is, many people are looking to have a very “unbalanced” life.

Don’t roll your eye just yet. Hear me out. 

Loads of people choose a life where their work takes only two to three days per week, and that is okay. 

The real goal of “balance” is to experience happiness on a daily basis. Today my slice of happiness was the long run. Tomorrow it may be a work achievement. 

I work with hundreds of creators, bloggers, and professionals looking to achieve their very own version of balance.

I am so passionate about this that I created a free online summit for wellness creators and professionals to grow their audience, make more money online WHILST finding balance in life.

Among our expert interviews, I had the pleasure to talk to our member Ceri, who shared her own version of “balance and success” as a freelancer, as well as some tips she learned along the way.

Rethink what balance means and tailor it to you, in order to truly achieve happiness every day.


1 Nat Eliason, No More “Struggle Porn”, Medium, 2018, https://medium.com/@nateliason/no-more-struggle-porn-202153a01108