The world can seem like a cruel place sometimes. And as individuals we often want to make a positive difference in any way we can.

But we also get discouraged easily.

We see war, violence, poverty, injustice, starvation, abuse, and disease at every turn, and we feel like there’s little we can do to try and change these negative aspects of our world.

However, as it turns out, our acts of kindness and good deeds may have a larger impact on the world than we initially thought.

Kindness. It’s a concept we all know but few of us do. From a young age, we learned about kindness from our parents as well as through school, books, and friends and family. However, as we grow older the concept of being kind sometimes escapes our everyday routine for some odd reason. We don’t look at kindness as a necessity anymore, but as a task in the “new normal”. Now, more than ever, we need to take the time in our lives to stop, take a deep breath, and remember that kindness is a contagious. Kindness inspires more kindness!

Practicing random kindness has a domino effect, according to research done at Harvard and the University of California at San Diego: “One person’s generosity spreads first to three people and then to the nine people that those three people interact with in the future, and then to still other individuals in subsequent waves of the experiment.

Any chance that you get to change a life with kindness, do it! By changing individuals, you are changing the world. You will never lose by sowing seeds of kindness in another person’s life. Maybe a person only needs an act of kindness to have hope in humanity; you can be their source of hope. Make the world a better place by daily acts of kindness.