It goes without being said that stress is inevitable. It comes in various forms, at different times of the day and can come without warning. As an entrepreneur, it’s a constant rollercoaster of emotions and despite what people think it’s not always a constant uphill trajectory. There are times when you may be faced with adversity, challenges, struggles. 

The successful entrepreneurs are the one who take adversity and thrive. 

Stress has been found in many reports and studies and is linked to many major health concerns and diseases. I myself experienced the impacts of burnout and stress last year when I was rushed to the hospital for what felt like a serious wakeup call with my stress levels and burnout.

I’ve learned over the past year how to cope, manage and decrease the impacts of stress on my body. Here are some easy and attainable tips.

1. Create a non-negotiable morning routine

It’s so important to create a routine that’s manageable and easy to implement. Whether that’s reading your book that you’ve been putting on that nightstand, grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and journaling before the day begins, or even doing your morning workout to start the day. Create a system and a routine that you can manage and that you don’t compromise. 

2. Practice meditation

Try forms of meditation whether it’s seated, walking or even during a yoga practice. There are tons of great apps out there like Calm, Headspace or Insight Timer. Even if it’s for 5-10 minutes, maintaining that practice of stillness helps to recalibrate your mind and start your day on the right foot. 

3. Go for a walk

Sounds simple and a bit misunderstood but it can help tremendously to clear your mind or gain clarity on a project you’re working on. I try to take some of my conference calls on a walk as well so I’m able to gain clarity, get fresh air and some Vitamin D. 

4. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

I’m not a nutritionist but it goes without being said that a healthy diet and drinking water throughout the day helps with your mood, energy levels and overall stress levels. When grocery shopping I tend to walk the perimeter of the store to grab the fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Recognize when you’re near burnout

Your body will tell you when it’s starting to burnout. Listen to the signals it tells you, whether it’s getting more rest, getting some fresh air, etc. 

Hannah founded her luxury consulting firm to help executives, entrepreneurs and brands create elevated brands and become the go to expert in their field. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs create holistic marketing plans that help position and elevate themselves so they can leave a lasting legacy on their audience.  Hannah is a New York transplant living in Bergen County, NJ with her husband. 

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