Guilt, fear, not good enough, imposter syndrome, shame, doubt, overthinking, anxiety. I lived all these as intense as you do right now and I know how draining it is. All these negative feelings and thoughts stop you from even daring to just dream that you can do it, but this is how I changed the business industry and you can do it too.

I have 7+ years of building sites, creating communities, using social media (not for selfies), connect with people and I was calling myself a beginner in online business, when people with 1-2 years of experience called themselves experts, and that I have nothing to teach people.

Then I hit another wall when I discovered that not many people heard of numerology. I thought that numerology is as popular as astrology or tarot reading, but it’s not. It was difficult to sell my service to people that never heard of it and of course you don’t believe in something you never heard or experienced.

Another thing was that I don’t believe in online ads, so I don’t tell my clients on my business coaching programs to invest in ads. I suggest to grow your community and followers organically (free) one by one. I don’t promise you will make a lot of money very quick, I also don’t recommend overnight success because you are not ready to handle it. I don’t present myself as a great business coach. I present myself as a friend that will help you and teach you everything I know to help you start your online business.

I tell you to build your business on your passion and work for it every day even though you feel like quitting. You will feel like quitting even though you have a coach, this is the reality. Business is a journey and not a get rich fast thing. I also believe that you can start your online business with $0, this is how I did it.

These are my beliefs and not many share the same ideas, but I kept going and I found clients that liked my ideas. And let me tell you:

You deserve every dollar they pay you. Your ideas, approaches and advices are so worthy. You deserve to make a living from your passion.
– Ally Fortis

Yes, you read that right. You deserve to be paid for doing what you love.

Don’t create a business just to sell, create a business to share and help the world. Help people have a better life because they helped you have a better life through your business. Create a heart based business not a money based business. I still believe that there are women who put their heart and soul into their business and they are not in this journey just to get rich fast without making an impact on the world.

Your ideas matter and you can do it without investing a fortune to start it.

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