How To Forgive

Forgiving can be a challenge, especially when it feels like the person who hurt us doesn’t seem to deserve our forgiveness. It’s important to remember that forgiveness allows us to move forward, and helps us cut off that emotional attachment to what happened.  Choosing not to forgive can get you stuck in your own past. Brokenness is openness; don’t be afraid to forgive. ??

Overcoming Fear

#Fear is a state of mind that can be changed.  What are your fears? What is holding you back from living your full potential? Be willing to acknowledge your fears, and release them. We all have a voice in our head that discourages us and tells us to give up. The negative voice is usually much louder than our positive one. Focus on the voice of positivity and drown out that voice of fear, it doesn’t belong to you! Shift the #energy, bring in the #magic.