Some say life is a sport; well, it is not entirely false. It is true when people say that sometimes because one must always remember that just like in any sport when you think you are losing, life always gives you a second chance to be back in the game again, beat the stress & come out as a winner. 

No matter how much tricky the time may seem, but you have to remain fit mentally and physically to fight vigorously against COVID-19.

  • Like following the ball in basketball, stick to your inspiration: Just like you dribble the ball in a game of basketball, keep the focus on the basket (goal of your life) & dribble your passion & hard work, follow your inspiration & reach your goal in life, explains Patterson. Especially youngsters lose hope quickly in a tough time like Pandemic; hence it is essential to keep the eyes stuck to the target & focus more.
  • Don’t give up before the ‘lay-up’: Well, in basketball, some players lack confidence even when they only have to lay up the ball when they are so close to the basket & out of nervousness or fear of failing, they miss the points. 

Similarly, many young ones also give up in tough time without knowing their strength. He says keeping the faith in oneself is of utmost importance & practicing is key in reaching your target faster.

  • Things will be beautiful again: Yes it is a tough time, and that is part of life says Patterson, you can give up in small things, we are here to live life. We can be afraid of things going around. Stand up, be brave and try to bring out your strength to fight against Pandemic. You have to do that daily. 

The young basketball player explains that if one decides to take cues from sports like basketball, one can learn as many lessons of life as possible & become an inspirational personality for others by implementing the lessons to reach where they want to in life.