Get The Win!

Do athletes have a different vision, which makes them more successful than anyone else? I don’t think so… In my experience as a coach to many Olympians and Professional Athletes, I find what they do have is deep clarity or a more defined vision. There are a couple of things an athlete may do differently than other people appear to do to win; successful athletes are very tuned in to their purpose and because they understand their purpose they’re able to get past just plain discipline in their work. They’re able to stick with an activity or skill set until they master it. When their brain starts to say, “Hey, this is uncomfortable,” or, “This is painful,” or, “This hurts and you should stop,” their body is able to continue moving forward despite the resistance. With clarity of their “purpose” it gives them a deep commitment or fortitude to be able to persevere through the hardships they encounter.

What you need to do here is clarify; what is your “purpose”. With most people, when I first ask them to tell me what they think their purpose is; I hear things like it’s their career, or job, the title they want, a big fancy home in the best neighborhood, maybe what kind of car they drive, or how much money they are making or want to make. They often tell me that they will be successful when they achieve one or many of these items or things in their life. But in reality “purpose” is a feeling and not a “thing” that gives you true satisfaction or the win in life.

Whatever those feelings may be, an athlete knows when they’re serving their purpose when they get that rush; they know it will be a win. Most importantly, once they are able to get that feeling again and again they’re able to stick with it. Since they know the feelings of their purpose they’re willing to push past the other negative physical experiences knowing it’s just part of the journey to get to the win. If an athlete knows the excitement, happiness, joy, and elation they feel when they come in first, then they will always try their best to find their “purpose” and get the win.

Applying this same concept to your goals can bring in your wins.

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  • Chad E Cooper

    Chad is a coach leading a life of example, retired at 35 years old, he coaches and mentors across several fields in order to inspire others to grasp their dream