how you manage your relationship with your devices

Today smartphones have become an important part of our life. We take it everywhere with us, even in the toilet. Some people even use it while eating.

It is important to note that most of us cannot spend a single day without our smartphones and other devices. The modern devices have not only made our life easy but also entertain us.

The future lifestyle will be even more attached to our devices as currently most of our home appliances are connected with our smartphones and many more will be added to that list. Today you can control your Ac in your house, mini freezer in your garage, bulb of your room, etc with your smartphone.

The advantages of these devices are many but many people are getting addicted to smartphones, laptops, and other devices more than what they should be. It looks like smartphones are controlling the lives of people instead of that person controlling it.

What is your phone doing to your relationships?

smartphones use and relationship
smartphones use and relationship

Your phone can be your most entertaining and helpful partner many times during the day but you should learn to manage your time spent with it as you can end up wasting time with it. As a result, you will have no spare time left to spend with your family and friends.

How cell phone use can disconnect your relationship

In this decade social media has grown enormously and most of us are a part of it. People are so much addicted to it that some people share each and every event of their life on it whether it is going to a mall for shopping or visiting a doctor. This information can be used by evil people of society to harm them.

Also, some people share their daily lifestyle pictures on social media and then keep checking the reactions of people on their posts which makes them addicted to it.

Spending hours with your smartphone will definitely ruin your relationship with your family and friends. It can hurt your relationship badly and will result in stress and sadness in your life.

How you can maintain a healthy relationship with Technology?

There is no second thoughts that technology has made our life easy, comfortable and luxurious but also has introduced lots of stress and other problems in our life.

To be stress free and happy we should never allow technology to take control over our life. We should take use of our devices carefully and should not misuse them to ruin our life.

We should plan out how much time is good with our smartphones and in which tasks are they useful. For example if you wish your next door friend everyday good morning through social sites but have not met him/her from months then the relationship with him/her will be not as good as if you would have meet him/her personally and communicate.

You must make strict rules for yourself that at which time you can spend time with your smartphones otherwise it can also deteriorate your health. Many people use them before going to sleep and then they can’t sleep because they keep getting thoughts of what they did with their smartphones.

This ultimately affect their work output on the next day due to and mental tiredness and lack of sleep and lead to stress.

If you can manage your time properly with your devices then you can overcome stress and related problems in your life. This will ultimately lead to better work output and happiness in your life.