How you see yourself determines your success.

How you see yourself in your own eyes determines what you get out of life. Self-image is your own conception of yourself. It is the mental and emotional picture you hold in your own consciousness of who you are, what you are about, and what you represent.

Your self-image is important because it is the starting point of your life experiences. The image you hold of yourself is like a great vase into which all your life experiences are poured and blended.

If your self-image is a small, limited conception of yourself, based on ignorance, fear, doubt, and insecurity; then all of your experiences will be filtered through these same negative emotions.

On the other hand, if your self-image is based on knowledge, love, courage, respect, faith, and confidence; your life experiences will be filtered through these same positive emotions.

Self-image determines your capacity to give, receive, and interact with the life experiences and possibilities that confront you. Your self-image is like a magnet, attracting or repelling like or unlike qualities into your life experience.

You attract thoughts, people, and experiences which are congruent with how you think and feel about yourself. If you want to attract the good health, wealth and happiness that you desire and dream about, then you must develop a self-image that is compatible with and supports these very thoughts, namely good health, wealth, and happiness.

A nice example of how the self-image works is this:

One question that appears on just about every job application is: What salary and benefits are you expecting to receive? Many prospective employers give a lot of weight to how this question is answered. Subconsciously, most people will answer with a figure that indicates their own assessment of what they bring to the position.

A figure below what the position is worth is often a tip-off that the applicant has a low assessment of their own skills and would probably not be a good employee.

A figure too high above what the position is worth might indicate a lack of knowledge about the position itself. If you’ve done your homework and know the deal, you should be able to set a figure at the high end of what the position is worth, plus just enough fluff to get some attention. However, let me warn you. Be prepared to answer the question that will surely come – “Why do you feel that you would be worth 2 zillion dollars to this company?”

Have a well researched, well thought-out, well presented, logical, and intelligent reply. You will probably get the position on your terms, consistent with your self-image.

Based on “The Twelve Universal Laws of Success, Super Achiever Edition by Dr. Herbert Harris. Available on Amazon and Email: [email protected]