A belief is the most powerful magnet in the world. Your beliefs are what push and pull you in all you do in your life. They are your personal magnets. They affect thoughts, feelings, and actions. And when you start to think about what you believe, really what you hold true, then you can recognize some of the philosophies that guide your life.

A philosophy is a universal theme or through line that many times drive the events and actions during your lifetime. Your theme or philosophy is the connector to how you build your career and live your life. And they stem from your core beliefs and values.

The reason philosophies are important in your career is because when you put together your career blueprint and when talk openly on social media about your personal philosophies, you will attract like-minded people, jobs and clients that either resonate with or share those philosophies. And what organically happens when you’re living by your true core philosophies, your life then heads in the right direction for you.

Here’s an incredibly powerful exercise to help you hone in on your personal philosophies.

Complete this thought, “I believe — “. Make a list of what comes immediately to mind and limit yourself to only five minutes. Don’t think too hard about this because many times it’s those first thoughts that come to mind that are the ones that are the truest. These are the beliefs that you hold dear and true.

So, here are some of mine:

  • I believe core values drive us.
  • I believe in raw honesty, even while it takes a bit to get there sometimes.
  • I believe excellence in one thing leads to excellence in all things.
  • I believe respect is one of the most valued gifts you can give another.
  • I believe in faith.
  • I believe love can move mountains.
  • I believe dark chocolate makes every day better!
  • I believe compassion is the great equalizer.
  • I believe in taking risks big enough that I feel the tremble in my solar plexus.
  • I believe dreamers rule the world.
  • I believe in the magic of a personal story that can transform lives beyond the person telling the story.

Now, as I examine my beliefs, I would summarize them in the form of philosophy statements that go something like this:

  • Live your core values and the results take care of themselves.
  • Always come from a place of transparency, truth and compassion.
  • Live in excellence.
  • Respect is a most valuable gift to give another.
  • A dream plus a dose of risk leads to success.
  • The power of a personal story transforms.

These are philosophies I strive to live my life by. They feel solid in my bones, in my core and in my heart.

So, please play with me! Open up your mind and heart. How do you complete the sentence?

I Believe… Post your answers proudly!

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