Our energy is all we have and it impacts every aspect of our life, especially our businesses. 

Protecting your energy takes hard work. But, you’re not in this alone as a manifestor and energy whisperer. There are so many ways that you can allow your energy to shine and help your business grow. 

Tip #1: Focus on YOU

Your vibration (if it’s on point) is what is going to attract ideal clients and repel the wrong clients. So by ensuring that YOU feel good about yourself, it will allow you to radiate confidence and integrity. Confidence from within is what sets you apart. Even if people don’t fully understand it, that’s what they are noticing when they decide to trust you. Build yourself up in every single way you can. 

Tip #2: Dance Every Morning

There is nothing like moving any funky stagnant energy out of your body! I have made some epic playlists and I am known for my dance parties on Instagram. Getting down and dirty first thing in the morning will let you tap into your feminine magnetism and this will be calling the clients right to you! 

TIp #3: Focus on Authenticity

Authenticity is what will bring you success. If you are cold messaging potential clients from a place of scairty that is not magnetic. No thank you. You want to be sitting in your throne and receiving the clients via attraction. Let them come to you. So many online business coaches are telling their clients to cold-DM people and it’s so low vibe. Please don’t do that! Trust that your authenticity, value that you offer and radiance is enough! Show up as your true self. 

Tip #4: Work on your Trauma

Subconscious trauma, beliefs and patterns may not be obvious to you, but they can affect your vibration and therefore your success in your business. Trauma is ugly, painful and difficult to overcome. But you can. Clearing the tauma will not only benefit you, but also allow you to do business with less push and more ease. 

Tip #5: Embrace your Feminine

The feminine is naturally magnetic, radiant and alluring. So when you embrace this part of yourself, it will be easy to have an influx of clients, customers and opportunities. There is nothing weak about the feminine. In fact the feminine is SUCH a juicy part of you. It makes you strong and you should be using it in your business to increase sales. 

What can you do today to allow positive energy to flow in your life and business?