Your well-being is one of those things you don’t just buy from the mall or order via the internet. No. To put it in shape and keep it safe, you must be conscious of your environment, among other things. This is what many find difficult.

You may never know this until you realise how often you lie to yourself. How you continuously keep sabotaging your own health even at the expense of your job.

That brings me to the main gist – your environment and your well-being.

Just as there are many people who have made their well-being through the exploitation of their environment, there are many others who have marred theirs through the same means. I think the message is unambiguous: the choice is yours.

One thing is certain, however, no one will choose marring their own wellbeing, at least not verbally.

So what do you have to do to identify the potential dangers in your environment and annexe them for your good?

1.        Bring back vegetation  

A major downside of urbanisation is deforestation. Remember you live on oxygen which plants release in abundance. In fact, there are plants that help cleanse the air and get rid of allergies and toxins.

But when your home and office are devoid of plants, you deny yourself of these benefits. It means the air you breathe isn’t really pure!

And you practically put your lungs, as well as the cells in your body, at great risks. Though you’re oblivious of this, the harm nevertheless continues.

The simple solution to this is to bring back plants into your house and office. Thank God you have a plethora of them to choose from. If you’re allergic to pollen, you may choose nonflowering plants.  If you’re in doubt as regards your allergies, speak with your doctor.

2.        Bring in your favourite colours

Many colours are universally acknowledged as attractive. Despite this fact, individuals still have their favourite colours. This is something you have little or no power over. Yet, certain colours can positively impact your well-being, both mentally and physically.

Forsaking what might appear a subtle attraction between your psyche and a colour or colour combination leads to disorientation. And makes your home or office discordant with your psyche.

You don’t need to hear applied colour psychology experts talk to know the harm you’re doing to yourself.

So you need to identify the colour(s) that agree(s) with you. Once that task is accomplished, bring the colour(s) everywhere around yourself both at home and office.

It’s going to soothe your nerves and calm your muscles.

3.        Let the inside bear your signature

Friend, I must let you know this. You have absolute control over how the interior of your home and office look. I mean the furniture and what have you.

At times, satisfying your taste as regards things like this isn’t as expensive as you may think. High and satisfying quality isn’t the same thing as expensive.

Why not make the move?

Think of it as venturing or window shopping. Whatever. The goal is the ultimate: stamp your signature all over your own home or office. According to Contractors Inc, that you personalise these places is a successful marriage between your psyche and your environment.

4.        Reconnect with nature   

Most people are today disconnected from nature in the name of urbanisation and technology. Sadly enough, they’re unaware of this let alone attempting to remedy it.

You just ask yourself when last you enjoyed the natural breeze, when last you walked barefoot, when last you swam in a natural body of water, when last you slept under the moon… The list is just inexhaustible.

Meanwhile the built environment is full of toxins and other harmful substances.

You need reconnect to nature, and if you can, help others do the same.

Your natural environment holds treasures you can’t let slip through your fingers. It has magical powers with wands which you alone can wave. And waving them is exactly what your well-being needs.

You can’t afford to leave that to chance, can you?