If you’ve been contemplating the idea of getting healthier through fitness and improving your diet, you’ll want to get started as soon as you can. Not only are there the obvious health benefits that come from a changed lifestyle but you can help improve those relationships around you whether it’s a marriage, kids, family or friends in these five ways.

1. Exercise Improves Your Mood And Sense of Well-Being

You’re probably aware of the endorphins, or feel-good hormones, that are released during exercise. This will give you an improved sense of well-being and improve your mood. This has a positive impact on your relationships as an elevated mood will makes you a more pleasant person to be around.

When you’re feeling more upbeat, that translates to you being happier and you’ll see that rub off on and influence others. If you don’t like yourself, it makes it hard to like and enjoy others and can make you someone those close to you may prefer to avoid. Physical activity can be that real, and natural, happiness booster you’ve been needing. You’re only one workout away from a good mood.

2. Exercise Gives You A Way To Burn Off Stress

While we’re talking about mood, there’s no way that stress is not affecting you and your relationships in some manner. If you’re in a relationship, in many cases, it’s the stress of finances and job-related issues that tend to follow you home.

Exercise is the perfect outlet to relieve some of that stress that tends to be dumped on our significant other. I know I’ve been super guilty of this by acting harsh and irritable with those closest to me. Instead of taking it out on them, take it out on the weights. Take it out on a run, some swimming or boxing. Even just running some sprints is an amazing stress release and at the same time you get that endorphin release. That’s pretty win-win.

3. A Life Of Health And Fitness Creates Time Management

I’m pretty busy right now. I’m sure you’re at least as busy if not even much busier. There’s only so many hours in the day and committing time to exercise and eating well does indeed take some planning and arrangement. You can use this skill in making sure you are setting aside time for those most important to you. Life is all about balance and putting this structure in your life can help you in prioritizing your relationships.

Have you noticed that those who are lazy and inactive have a day that ends up unstructured and unfulfilled? The longer you follow a life like that the more run down you end up getting and the less time you’ll want to spend with anyone else. Health and relationships both take work, but a fitness routine creates some great discipline in you and it’s also needed in relationships.

4. A Life Of Fitness Is Something You Can Do With Your Partner

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If you have a spouse or significant other, and you’re looking for more time together, and getting fitter, then this is right up your street. Committing this time to each other, and to your health, will not only improve your life but improve your relationship. There’s no better way to enhance your relationship, and your wellness, by combining the two. It can be as simple as taking walks together, taking up tennis, going to the gym together, hiking, biking, you name it!

They say those who play together, stay together and whether you buy into that or not, being active together is a sure way to bond and get fit while doing it.

5. You Get More Energy For Kids/Grandkids/Family

If you have kids, you know that energy, and your attention, is constantly in demand. This still applies to your nieces and nephews, grandkids or siblings. I know you need your downtime but if you seem to live on the couch, you can’t expect to be able to give your best to those who need it.

The more engaged you can be with the kids, the more you can create those deeper bonds and memories that will stay with them. It’s no secret that this isn’t the easiest thing but becoming healthier, and fitter can make it, so the kids have to keep up with YOU!

This is a great time to change it up and give your body a new stimulus instead of staying stuck in a rut.

I also believe it sets a good example for the younger people in your life when they see you being active whether it’s with them or on your own. The influence you set by doing this sends such a strong message compared to a sedentary lifestyle.

Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something!

Get started today. It doesn’t have to be gigantic changes that overwhelm you but small consistent changes that motivate and encourage you. Start with a run, hike or long walk. You don’t have to be part of a gym, but it will help. If you’ve been exercising for awhile, this is a great time to change it up and give your body a new stimulus instead of staying stuck in a rut. The best workout is the one you haven’t done yet.

The sooner you get your health and fitness on track the sooner you can start seeing helpful improvements in the relationships you have with those most important to you. Start getting the best out of yourself and let those you love to get the best out of you too.

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Originally published at goodmenproject.com on December 5, 2015.

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  • Jamie Logie

    Jamie Logie is a personal trainer, health coach, Amazon #1 best-selling author, podcaster and creator of: www.regainedwellness.com

    Jamie Logie is a personal trainer, nutritionist and health and wellness coach. He runs a blog and podcast called www.regainedwellness.com and has worked in gyms in Canada, England, Australia and The United States. He is a contributing writer on health and fitness for places like The Huffington Post, askmen.com, LifeHack and MindBodyGreen among some others and has an Amazon #1 book out called Taking Back Your Health. He likes long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach and the movie 'Beaches'.