You are being called to offer your healing services in a way that aligns with your feminine energy. 

The stress, pressure and burn out that’s experienced by so many mothers wanting to create a successful business is not how it’s meant to be. 

It’s time to shift from the masculine paradigm of doing business.

The sense of hustling and ‘being on’ all the time is a pure disconnect from who you are! Your healing business (or the one you desire to create), is calling you to reclaim the power that your womb has always had: to help you attract and manifest what you desire.

The womb is magnetic and it’s incredibly powerful. Learning to align your business activities with your menstrual cycle creates the ease, flow, confidence & abundance that you desire.

Charting your cycle is a powerful way for bringing your children into the world. Women can feel drawn to the idea of staying home with their children and creating their own businesses once their beautiful babies have arrived.

Consciously choosing to chart your cycle to create and grow your healing business, is critical to allowing your business to flow, grow and manifest financial abundance.

Pushing and striving, the masculine approach to doing things, actually slows you down. Things feel hard when they shouldn’t. By tapping into your feminine power, you can create the balance you need to succeed in a way that feels good.

Here’s some guidance on how to start charting your cycle to help create the business you desire!

(If you’re not currently bleeding, use the different phases of the moon.)

  1. Find something you want to use – a diary, a separate notebook, your phone etc.
  2. What day did your last period start? Mark that down as Day 1 of your cycle. (If you’re unsure, mark down when your period begins again as Day 1.)
  3. Mark down what day of your cycle you are on today.
  4. Continue to mark down what day you are each day, to track the length of your cycle. This will start to give you an idea of how long your phases are e.g. pre-ovulation (‘Inner Spring’), ovulation (‘Inner Summer’), premenstrual (‘Inner Autumn’) and menstruation (‘Inner Winter’). As a rough guide, a cycle could look like this: Day 1-7 (Inner Spring), Day 8-14 (Inner Summer), Day 15-21 (Inner Autumn), Day 22-28 (Inner Winter). 
  5. As you’re tracking what day of your cycle you are, start noticing and writing down how you’re feeling and communicating, any physical changes or symptoms, what you crave and when, and anything that stands out to you like big life changes for you or those you love. 
  6. Each phase of your cycle has its benefits and this is what helps your business grow with ease! For example:

Inner Spring

A good time for business ideas and offerings to come through or start a new business project. You may feel extra creative so this is a good time to create social media posts and schedule them, write articles and emails etc. 

Inner Summer

A good time to be more outgoing, vibrant and confident with what you’re doing. Launching a website, a business idea, running workshops, being on video or creating business connections.

Inner Autumn

A good time to tap into your intuition and easily see what’s not serving your business. This helps you gain clarity about your offerings and your ideal client (who you want to work with). A good opportunity to tidy up and do admin work. 

Inner Winter

A good time to rest and reflect. This is where you’re able to restore yourself in a way that sets you up for the rest of your cycle and what your business will be calling you to do. I highly recommend staying off social media for Days 1-2 and recording any intuitive information that wants to come through. Enjoy the restorative and intuitive meditative state that can come from scheduling rest.  

Always remember that each phase of your cycle has its benefits to guide you as you grow a business that feels good.