Yes, a score of studies state how your name can be an important factor affecting your success in life- in personal as well as professional front. This is very much the reason there is a plethora of bizarre names that people love to give to their babies.

Gone are the days when babies were named after their parents, saints or famous personalities. Today, parents find unique and meaningful names for their kids. If you too are in this league, you are probably offering your baby a chance to have a brighter and successful future. How?? Here are a few findings that narrate how your name can be an important factor contributing to your success.

People with easy to pronounce names are often offered favors:

A report published in the New York University Publication highlighted that people with easy to pronounce names often hold higher ranks in the organization. Talking to a leading publication, psychologists, Adam Alter, said, “When we can process a piece of information more easily, when it’s easier to comprehend, we come to like it more.”

People with common name are more likely to be hired:

As per a study conducted by Marquette University stated that while we are attracted towards most unique names, success prefers the opposite. People those who have the least unique name are more likely to be hired on a job.

You have a unique name; people may link you with juvenile delinquency:

Yet another research highlights how having a unique name can have you face juvenile criminal behavior allegations. The study states, “Adolescents with unpopular names may be more prone to crime because they are treated differently by their peers, making it more difficult for them to form relationships.”

White sounding names enjoy biased favors:

Those who bear a white sounding name enjoy the benefits of biasedness. Their chances of getting hired is more than any other person with less white sounding name.

People using their middle initials are considered smarter and competent.

A test conducted by the European Journal of Social Psychology showed that people who use middle initials are considered highly intellectual. The department conducted a test wherein they asked the participants to sign the docs with 4 different authorship. Not only the people with middle initials got better review but a person, David F.P.R. Clark, got the best marks.

People with noble sounding name work on higher positions:

If you have a noble sounding name, be prepared to manage a high ranking position. People are tend to link emotional values with names that are familiar to them. So if you have a King, Arthur, Koch, Bauer attached with your name, a bright future is waiting ahead.

Gender-neutral names are successful in certain fields:

Women with masculine names are more successful in industries that are dominated by men like engineering, law, and others. People consider such women strong and thus offer them chances to compete and perform.

So if you are selecting name for your baby, find out the best baby names first and then weight them on the basis of these factors to ensure your baby enjoys a success in its future endeavors.