Although it was only a day, it seems like I’ve been away far too long. The post that was meant for yesterday in sitting very comfortably in my draft box. We may have to wait for a better opportunity to publish it.

I felt bad yesterday because I have a goal of posting daily…for me and for you. So, when I realized that the draft wouldn’t be ready to post yesterday I began feeling a little anxious because I felt like I had let myself down. I also wondered what people would think of my inconsistency. That’s where things tend to take a turn for me. It’s ok for me to be self-critical of myself because that is well within my control and tends to lead me back to my stated path/purpose. But to worry about what some unseen person is thinking of me is counterproductive. Even if it was a person I know…I can’t allow that to hinder my practice and progress towards tapping into that higher self…or some would even say your “true self”.

The energy that is needed to move beyond the anxiety that is a product of us worrying about how we’re being perceived is taken away from the energy that moves us along, and keeps us on, our path/purpose. The questions we have to answer daily is “what are we going to concern ourselves with today?”…”how will our energy be used…for purpose or perceptions?” Let’s ask those questions every morning and throughout the day.


  • Khalif Ali

    Activist, Writer, Social Worker, Organizer...maybe an aspiring artist (stay tuned)