Are you stuck in the middle?  Are you in the middle of raising young kids and caring for aging parents? How have your responsibilities changed over the past 6-9 months?

Let’s face it…we all have responsibilities, whether caring for children or elderly parents or pursuing personal interests, activities, or hobbies.  Now, more than ever before, we should be equipped to balance our work and our lives. The pandemic has taken its toll!

If you are feeling the squeeze from being caught in the middle, you are stressed, and you need relief…NOW. Here’s how to jumpstart the process and identify your needs!

Identify the stressors in your life and jot down the top three. What are the triggers? Is it health, money, work, relationships, or a combination of each of these things.

Identify your own needs and act. Know when you need help, and how to seek and ask for it. Make time for what matters most, then prioritize and delegate to others within your space to lighten your load.

Identify coping mechanisms. If you are not already teleworking, consider starting the process. Take time for self-care; self-care is not selfish. Be sure that you eat healthy meals, get a good night’s sleep, hydrate, and start moving.

With a balance between work and home, comes greater control of where your focus remains. If you leave your work at the office (even if the office is in your home), your full attention will be on your home life and giving your relationships the attention they deserve. When spending time with your partner, children,  friends, or aging parents, your mind should be solely focused on the experience you are having.

You are only as good as you are balanced. If you do not take the time for yourself, you won’t be the best you can be, and the sandwich will overwhelm you.


  • Sharon M. Weinstein

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    "Life Balance…it is what I do and who I am," says Sharon M. Weinstein! And, she should know since she wrote the award-winning book on the subject! Sharon educates and trains in high-stress industries like healthcare, hospitality, and human capital. She shows them how to achieve life balance which drives safety, satisfaction, and success. Often referred to as a Stressbuster for her ability to identify stressors and solutions, Sharon is recognized globally for her ability to empower others to Reclaim their Lives, Reduce their Stress, and Reach their Goals! She combines real-life stories with substance and conversational techniques that immediately resonate with the audience. Sharon holds the coveted Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest earned international recognition for professional speakers. This makes her one of only seventeen percent of all speakers to hold this designation and one of only 3 nurses in the world with the combined CSP/Fellow of the Academy of Nursing credential. Sharon is a Sharecare Academy of Judges Chair for Healthy Living.