Titles & Labels at Work:

A waiter, bartender, chef, butler, police officer, and concierge are all careers in service. These individuals often chose purposefully roles that have site-specific titles. Not every job is promotable. Nor is everyone inclined to need a title that evokes panache to validate their professional self-worth.

Does a concierge need to become a chief concierge in-order to legitimize their career? Does a cook have to strive to be a chef? A waiter vs. maî·tre d, a bartender vs. sommelier, teacher vs. a dean, a seamstress vs. a tailor, a butler vs. a majordomo. Is a police officer looked down upon if they do not yearn to be a sergeant?

Do you define your professional self-work and prestige by your title?

Below are a few thoughts to ponder:

  • does your title authentically represent who you are as a person or does it matter – is it realistic to have them in synchronicity
  • does your title convey the work you are doing
  • is your salary comparable to what you know is your worth or does it make you feel undervalued
  • do you find yourself saying internally I AM making $ and my title is X, therefore, this is who I AM
  • what are the criteria for your inner fulfillment and self-worth in your job
  • why does complacency in the workplace have a dual connotation
  • why does complacency often infer apathy
  • if contentment means we are satisfied why does this suggest that we do not want more, are not more, and cannot achieve more

Dead End Job – What Does This Really Mean?

  • your job is not promotable
  • you have no other skills or talents
  • nothing more for you to learn on the job, it is not challenging, and you have it mastered
  • very often routine tasks that are repetitive can become monotonous and we become lazy, indifferent and careless
  • do we need to demonstrate a perennial and aspirational drive for more to be seen as promotable
  • maybe it is us that are in a dead end mindset vs. the job label

Ways We Can Evoke Virtue in Ourselves While at Work

  • are you doing absolutely everything you can in your present job to be efficient, collegial, professional and civilized
  • are you cultivating skills and learning new knowledge for the job and for yourself
  • are you objectively critiquing and challenging your own performance
    • discreetness, kindness, grace, patience, lack of anger or being retaliatory; have never been more needed, appreciated and highly regarded than now in the workplace
  • seeing someone for whom they are sans their title is liberating
  • is your job a maze or a labyrinth

Virtue can be demonstrated in all tasks and actions at work


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