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  • Humor vs Wit in the Workplace
  • Mentor-Mentee Relationship (a unique way to be a successful mentee)
  • Wills are not only for the wealthy – they are for everyone!

Humor in the Workplace:

WIT, wit! What does this have to do with a joke and humor?

Equating humor with a joke is natural. In today’s workplace telling a joke, even under the best of circumstances can leave one vulnerable. It might be in our best interest to look at humor differently.

Wit Can Cause:

  • a laugh
  • evoke joy
  • a provocative and engaging laugh
  • a joyful connective laugh
  • cause one to think
  • cause one to feel empathy which can lead to joy

Positive Side of Telling a Joke:

  • breaks tension
  • creates small talk
  • makes people smile
  • makes people laugh comfortably

Negative Side of Telling a Joke:

  • unintentionally hurt or embarrass someone
  • behave with malice towards another person
  • Makes your colleagues think less of your intelligence and cultural sophistication
  • Makes people laugh uncomfortably at you which is clearly not your intention
  • a joke is fleeting at best. how often do you people recall the joke correctly in tone and content when they want to share the joke later with their colleagues? rarely, instead of breaking tensions it brings frustration and often an embarrassment

Wit is whole-hearted, more robust, a deeper moment of connection than a joke – safer bet at work!

Mentee – Mentor Relationship

An alternative way for you to create and achieve success as a mentee

Below is how this idea unveiled itself as one of the most intelligent professional decisions I have made for myself:

  • promotion by a mentor via entitlement – take this off the table!
  • being motivated and driven by an ego quality can often sabotage you on many fronts
  • I have mindfully sought out site-specific people I wanted to work for and be a direct report
  • they were not looking for a mentee or a protege. they had an organic and generous appreciation for loyalty, discreetness, quietude, and the character attributes that I elicit
  • I rarely asked questions unless I did not understand a request or a task
  • withholding my desire to express an opinion on professional and or personal matters that do not concern me is something that is vastly appreciated. many of you may see this viewpoint as subordinate and unattractive. please pause here and note. these precise character traits created a rapport that led to greater trust, intimacy, respect, and responsibility
  • try not to vie for attention, praise, or validation from anyone other than yourself. learn to listen and trust your emotional intelligence
  • if working one-on-one is not a natural part of the work process flow. when you ask for this time alone and you have engaged in the above ways; you have a higher chance of spending intimate time with your mentor and receiving their wisdom
  • the above resulted in successfully obtaining my goals. to learn as much as was humanly possible from being in their presence and working with the person as a consigliere
  • learn by witnessing, doing the work and being sentient

Resulted, in a profound and rhapsodic promotion that changed the path of my entire life going forward

Wills: A Unique and Empowering Approach Regardless of Income

Wills are NOT only for wealthy individuals. Wills are for everyone!

Below is why and how you can control the distribution of personal memorabilia.

Please read the following as a gift to your legacy and loved ones’.

When we die even under the best of circumstances, our family and friends are mourning and in duress.

A will is a document that affords you the opportunity and privilege to give your personal items – regardless of their financial and emotional value to the individuals you want to receive your possessions.

Imagine the joy and relief you will give to yourself and everyone by creating a scenario with no stress or legal arguments regarding your intimate items.


The task does take some time and thoughtfulness. Your efforts will be an everlasting gesture.

  • Walk around your home (no matter whether it is a studio apartment or a mansion) take your phone and record each-and-every item you see that has sentimental value. State what the item(s) are and the name of the person you want the object to be-gifted.
  • You can either have someone type the recording and send it to your attorney or send the recording to the attorney. If you do not have a lawyer, this can be done legally and successfully online.
  • The list can either be the first step in creating your will or a codicil (an addendum to your will).

Mistake: a common, frequent and unfortunate mistake people often make – here is how to prevent this from happening:

Do not assume that your spouse, significant other or executor have any idea as to how you want your personal possessions distributed. They do not and if they do, they will be not emotionally prepared to distribute all of your items without a directive from you.

Conclusion: Power and control. Themes that preoccupy all of us!

Here is an opportunity, for you to create a resounding and perpetual stance of self-preservation. One where you have 100% power and control over the idea, process, as well as the end result!


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