The entire substance of creation, all the processes of development, the substance that drives the processes of progress and determines the chain of events in our lives, is the human desire. Meaning the desire to receive pleasure, and more specifically, the human will. So when we examine the human level of the system, it appears that the human race is the only level that does not operate as a linked system. The egoistic person is completely detached from the rest of nature. He is the only creature in nature that does not have an instinctive sense of the general system. He is the only part violating the conditions of balance who wants to acquire more at the expense of others. The only part in need of correction. 

But, man is also the only part of the natural systems with freedom of choice. 

Nature actually directs us to grow and expand, to remove all the limitations placed by the ego, and to break into a safe, pleasant, happy life flow and all the good in the world.

Ofer Nakash

Problem: Imbalance

The tendency of the natural system is to operate in integralness, wholeness of all its parts, to which it aspires, and why we have developed so far. We, on the other hand, live in a separatist manner for our own benefit. The gap between the trend of nature and the perfection of all its parts, and the trend of egoism for its own benefit, creates contrasts in the system. These reach us in many types of negative forms: storms, viruses, locusts, volcanoes and more. As well as the last crisis to befall us, the coronavirus.

Nature is an absolute system of laws, in which there is no emotion or mercy, but rather a system that obliges us to obey its laws. Nature is not going to change in this clash, rather we will have to change, and acquire the knowledge needed to understand how it works and adapt ourselves.

The highest level in the natural system is the human race. Once the human potential is realized, then all the natural systems will adjust accordingly. We can look forward to convenient temperatures, timely rains, an end to floods and an end to all natural disasters. Yet if we continue to ignore what nature wants from us, then the troubles will only get worse.

On the one hand, the increase in egoism in humans without the right treatment is the reason for all the outbursts we experience in our world. On the other hand, it is the right attitude that will provide the good life that even we are unable to imagine in our current state. Nature actually directs us to grow and expand, to remove all the limitations placed by the ego, and to break into a safe, pleasant, happy life flow and all the good in the world. What to do?……

The Solution: Balance

We need to be adapted to the interconnected and perfect mechanism of which we are a part. It is like a great ball, encircling us on all sides, filling us and controlling us, directing us with emotion and intellect, and directing us to know it. We are the first generation that needs to break the cycle of egoism, and start operating in a gradual reciprocity, until it includes all of humanity and the whole world.

Right now this is the main and most important priority, to learn the correct interaction between us and nature, and then we will start to get closer to the realization of the plan of nature, to the application of the laws of nature, to balance and completion. We must learn how opposite egoism and altruism are by their nature, and how these opposites connect to a single subject, man and his world.

In order to reach a connection out of genuine consideration where the people making up society are egoistic, we must learn how to balance receiving and giving. We have a method prepared for that, the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Once we have learned about the purpose, it is also clear to us that all the conducts of creation, in its every corner, inlet, and outlet, are completely prearranged for the purpose of nurturing the human species from within it, to improve its qualities until it can sense the Creator as one feels one’s friend.

Baal HaSulam

This is the whole difference between man and beast: All animals rely entirely on nature. They are utterly unable to promote nature or help themselves without it. Not so with man. He is endowed with intellectual powers by which he becomes free of the shackles of nature and promotes it. 

When we want to make a machine that will replace the machine of natural human development, here, too, we must first examine those two forces—positive and negative—that operate in nature. It is a machine by which nature performs the procedure of development. Then we, too, will know how to establish a tactic that is similar to the mechanism of nature’s natural machine of development, and which will be just as successful in developing humanity. Clearly, if we misunderstand the mechanism of the natural machine, our substitute will be useless, since the whole idea here is to mimic natural ways of creation and adapt artificial ones in their stead.

Baal HaSulam – The Nation


  • Ofer Nakash

    Speaker & Workshop Facilitator of Integral Method

    A lecturer and facilitator of the integral method for optimal human integration. Main topics include understanding the meaning of life, interpretation of the Zohar, becoming more familiar with our true human nature and the human ego, expanding our emotional intelligence, tapping into our collective consciousness, and the integral education method. All of the above is based on 20 years of experience in the study and practice of the wisdom of Kabbalah.