I see desolate faces and floating despair
Eyes longing for a ray of sunshine, hoping fates will realign
Walking on broken bones and smithereens of dreams
I can only see darkness, eclipsing the next 50 years.

Every morning starts with bombing houses, killing humans
The bleeding drops of red flooding the boulevard
We go through the daily race with empty smiles
And hopes of, one day, painting the world with happiness.

Not so long ago, my life was a blossoming rose
All those infernal horns, Reduced me into a victim of thorns
There’s blood on my toes, probably it’s not enough
The battle drank it all in a sip; taking lives in one vehement sniff.

What if time stops one day, breath leaves me away
There’s no tomorrow. Will people share my sorrow?
Where will I belong? Will my love carry on?
How bad can it possibly be? These thoughts are suffocating me.

Daughter’s waiting for the day I come home
To celebrate that day, my happy re-birthday!
Hey God! What did I do wrong? It’s been so long!
Let me go back, Let me go home.

May be there’s a song about the ones that survive
While I like to escape from this mangled landscape
To go back to my town with all these victorious fables
And if there’s no one around, Did I let them down?
That haunting sense of shame, would kill me one last time.

Perhaps one day, the battle field with be filled with cattle again
The lands which sunk in blood, will be green with grass again
People will celebrate and start dancing to music again
But Life will never be the same; Wars, they always leave a scar
Physically on our bodies , mentally on our memories.

Originally published at thinkingparade.wordpress.com