In this episode we turn to an array of global luminaries in a broad range of fields such as psychology, technology, education, spirituality, and the arts to get their perspective on what flourishing means and what a flourishing world could look like in specific areas like Education, Gender Equality, Food Security, and Climate Change. In this video created by award-winning journalist @RichardSergay, We hear from a variety of thought leaders including African human rights activist Hafsat Abiola; co-inventor of the Internet Dr. Vint Cerf; founder of The Chopra Foundation Dr. Deepak Chopra; Bishop of Oxford Rt Revd Dr. Steven Croft; President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The Honorable Shirley Ann Jackson; AGRA President Dr. Agnes Kalibata; internationally acclaimed musician and advocate of American culture Wynton Marsalis; first woman president of Ireland and chair of The Elders Mary Robinson; Yale University cognitive scientist Professor Laurie Santos; and OECD education leader Andreas Schleicher.


  • Richard Sergay is an award-winning veteran network television journalist and senior media executive who spent much of his career at ABC News. He reported on major domestic and international stories for World News, Nightline and Good Morning America and ABC Radio. Richard completed a six-year assignment as Bureau Chief and Correspondent based in South Africa covering the end of White rule and Apartheid, as well as the release of Nelson Mandela from prison and the ensuing peace negotiations. After the South Africa assignment, Richard began a new beat for ABC News – the first for any major network --  focused on the digital revolution unfolding in the U.S.