Zoom Box Okta & Slack CEO’s

I’m thrilled to see such stunning examples of human leadership popping up on Linkedin.

We have now officially entered the next stage — the social economy where you can no longer separate social issues from business.

This whole pandemic is about the human ego clashing with nature, and how it wants to bend the ego to be rounder. This is why we all feel we’ve grown so much during this crisis. That was the whole point. To suit us to this evolutionary integral trend.

That’s why seeing the CEO’s of these top companies together on a Zoom call is so exciting. This is what the next stage is all about, and we never would have seen this if we hadn’t been in lockdown for a few months.

Hopefully soon the top brands will realize that the old way of doing marketing — simply presenting customers with products and services — will no longer be enough.

Josia Nakash

We thought working remotely was limiting us in some way, but it actually released a ton of new opportunities for more meaningful human connection.

We thought the lockdown was limiting our development, but didn’t realize that it caused us to make super-human internal efforts to connect, which actually expanded our consciousness in a very significant way.

Ultimately nature is teaching us to connect as real humans, and this format makes us far more intentional and attentive than we used to be in conference rooms and conference calls where there were always so many distractions.

This is genuine human connection and hopefully these examples will start to be embedded directly into brands. In the meantime they are mainly being featured on Linkedin. Okta featured it on their company blog.

Hopefully soon the top brands will realize that the old way of doing marketing — simply presenting customers with products and services — will no longer be enough. People will need to feel that warm human connection to engage with a brand. They will need to sense that there are caring humans leading these brands.

Companies like ZoomOktaSlack APIBox and Bloomberg will soon discover that they have endless opportunities to present amazing examples like this of positive human interaction to their users and customers. So everyone can get a sense of how amazing the future can be!

Walmart Truly Embracing Human Leadership

I was stunned to discover that one of the companies leading the way in human leadership by sharing tons of warm and touching moments of human connection is Walmart! Again, this is only on Linkedin for now as far as I can see, but it’s just a matter of time before we throw away the traditional marketing handbook and move to embed these moments directly into brands.

Here is Walmart President & CEO Doug McMillon presenting the Sam M. Walton Entrepreneur of the Year Awardto Drew Holler, Ellie Bertani, and Gayatri Agnew. Yes, you will need tissues to watch this.

From his Linkedin post: “Last week during our Friday meeting, we surprised the team behind our education program, Live Better U. Today, we announced we’re expanding our LBU program to include skilled-trades programs and digital transformation certificates. Watch this behind-the-scenes view showing the award winners as they all figure out what’s happening…”

Why Does It Feel So Good?

In this new virtual world, we will develop an inner vision and an inner feeling of others. We will ascend to a higher dimension of life where we will detach ourselves from the physical form of people and connect to their inner essence. Such a level of connection will fill all the voids and lacks missing from our social life and the world we experience will simply feel much better.

Every individual in society will feel that he/she can connect with others in the most internal possible connection, and this will give us a feeling of unlimited bonding by which we will be able to break all the boundaries of perception.

We will finally use virtual connection not as the end goal, but as the gateway to transcend to the more meaningful human relations of love and unity.