The following selected excerpts from the lecture notes of Manly P. Hall on the energy fields of the human body are intended to be read with reference to the excerpts from the book ZAPPED for a broader understanding which can be gained by finding correlations between two unique perspectives.


​THE ENERGY FIELDS OF THE HUMAN BODY: The Researches of Anton Mesmer 

by Manly P. Hall

Excerpts reprinted by permission of University of Philosophical Research

‘Energy, in its pure and complete state, is universal. We live constantly in a field of energy, whether it is cosmic, solar, or planetary. And yet, much of this energy does not directly affect us because we are able to respond only to those parts of energy for which we have conditioned polarities within ourselves.’ – pg 2

‘Mental energy, or the energy which maintains the humanity in man, has sometimes been referred to as spiritual energy. This energy comes from a divine source in the world — from that God-power or Being nature which is invisible and intangible and has no correspondence in the physical structure of things. Man accepts this energy as a kind of nutrition required by a form of appetite which he must cultivate.

‘Actually, spiritual energy, like all other kinds, permeates him at all times, but he must create receptivity to it. He must obtain his nutrition of spiritual or life power through a gentle process of acceptance. He must open his inner life to the light of an interior sun. He must open his spiritual consciousness to the energies of a spiritual universe. And by creating interests, attitudes, desires, in this direction, he draws this energy to himself. Therefore, it is more available and more practically useful in the lives of devout persons.

‘The attitude of devotion, the receptivity to the God-element in nature, is the kind of feeding process by which spiritual energy comes to man. He must have the pole within himself, or he cannot hold the energy field.’ – pgs 4-5

‘Generally speaking, our happiness and misery, our health and sickness in this world, depend upon our own adjustment with them. If we are by nature belligerent, if we are critical, fault-finding, this world loses most of its beauty. If we are over-ambitious, create powerful nationalism, engage in wars and insurrections, or become upset by theological intolerance, we gradually change this world into a very dismal, miserable place.

‘Yet the world itself has not changed. Man, by the over-development, without adequate thought or reflection, of his industrial way of life, has also, to a measure, endangered his health and survival. He has polluted his streams, he is polluting his atmosphere, and he is endangering his survival with atomic fallout. These things, however, are not the works of Nature; they are the works of man. And, if, in the end, he shall make this earth uninhabitable, it will not be because the earth is sterile, but because his own ignorance, selfishness, foolishness and fear, have divided him from the natural, reasonable way of life for which he was intended, and have subjected him to the miseries, sicknesses, and disorders which are their inevitable consequences. These things are not the works of the universe; they are the works of man….

‘Now let us take this same pattern and impose upon it the magnetic fields of the human body. This is an inner world, another kind of earth, an invisible element, in which man also lives. This kind of earth is largely influenced by internal life, and it can be destroyed by his own thinking just as easily as his environment can be polluted by his own selfishness….

‘Assuming that this magnetic field of the human body is a very subtle link between pure energy and material structure, it means that this link, a highly delicate thing, participates in both elements. It has within it and of it the quality of life, and it also has a part of its structure, the abstract quality of matter. It is therefore this kind of magnetism that Anton Mesmer was concerned with; a magnetism that is physical and metaphysical, material and super-physical at the same time. It is able to manifest through bodies because it has a certain type of material content. It is capable of sustaining bodies because it is a carrier for something that bodies must have — that is, pure energy.

‘This instrument or magnetic field flows by its own inevitable momentum, into body, forming a kind of bridge, or an elaborate system of aqueducts [‘cooperative networks of conscious particles’ – Gary], binding energy and form…. ‘ pgs 5-7

‘… nearly all physical debilities, devitalizations and diseases result from the obstruction of energy. And this obstruction of energy can be either physical, vital, emotional or mental…. One of the most common causes of obstruction is tension, which obstructs because it locks and causes structure to lose its receptivity to life. Tension, therefore, creates receptivity to death.

‘No individual who is tense can ultimately escape the penalty of his own tension. He is creating fixedness in a moving universe. He is locking something in a world in which anything that is locked dies. Therefore, in all these problems where tension is at the root of energy depletion, there has to be a process of unlocking. This means the restoration of the free distribution of energy. It means that the structure is again made receptive to the magnetic field, and once the natural and proper influx of energy is received, the recuperative process begins…. Thus, the individual who wants to live must be receptive to the magnetic field which is sustaining him…. pgs 8-9

‘Our protection against any form of negative force is always the absence of that quality in ourselves or the constructive control and redirection of that quality. If we have transformed fear into faith within ourselves, the collective fear of all mankind cannot shake it…. Thus, the more difficult the times in which we live, the more sincere and honorable must our endeavor be to maintain the attitudes which are necessary for our own security.

‘Thus a vast world of magnetism opens up, which explains numerous factors that we know to be true — a world which could remind scientifically trained individuals of the importance of the subtle psychic forces that work under and behind the appearances of life. Also, we have from the whole concept a valid and reasonable incentive to recognize that the growth of ourselves as persons, the maturing and enriching of our lives, the attainment of hope, faith and love, the living of a relaxed, orderly, moderate existence — these things become the basis of health, happiness, security and peace of soul for ourselves. They protect us against the burdens which arise from tension and depletion. They tell us very clearly that as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is; so is his body, his function, his environment, his capacity to work and play, his capacity to live and enjoy.

‘… we live in a world of energies and our health depends upon these energies being available to us. And the only way in which they are available to us is when we keep the rules of the game. When we do this, we find that we have little need to complain against the circumstances in which we find ourselves. When we break faith, we become tired and irritable and sick. The answer is to relax, regain the available supply of natural energy and, by so doing, find the source of life within ourselves, rather than depending upon exterior things for that which should come out of our own consciousness through experience.’ – pgs 20-21

The full text is available in a booklet from the UPRS. Also, the video below is the audio of the same or a similar lecture.

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Listening to Manly P Hall is like having a cosmic vacuum cleaner sucking all the toxins from my mind.

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