Abdul Sattar Edhi sharing meal with kids in one of the charity houses

Till the year 2020, I had a bad habit of judging people on the basis of their wealth. I’m gonna tell you how I was conditioned to do so.


Whenever I saw a person with lavish clothes, expensive watches, and shoes, I subconsciously categorize that person as wealthy. If a guy is driving a luxury car, he is rich. If a woman has a phone with 3 cameras and an eye-catching purse, she is successful. This habit of judgment made me look down on the underprivileged. However, I had sympathy for them, and I still have, but I used to differentiate on the basis of apparent wealth.

In the first quarter of 2021, I attended a ceremony of great religious scholars as a volunteer. Call that my biggest fortune because, since that day, my perception about apparent wealth, lavish outfits, and expensive watches got totally changed.

First, I realized that these people are not rich only in money, but the amount of knowledge and wisdom they acquired made them so down to earth that they were seen picking up the shoes of their masters. And to be honest, I couldn’t differentiate among them as to who is the teacher and who is the student. Their dressing was almost the same, and their behavior was so humble that I felt ashamed when one of the organizers met me with the utmost respect. This shame cleared my mind because I saw the same person driving a car worth thousands of dollars. But it did not attract me. What inspired my soul was humility.

From that day, what I learned is it doesn’t matter how wealthy you are or how many businesses you own; real success is when you stay humble and keep thanking the Almighty for giving you more than you deserve.

The concept of humility is easy and simple, but it requires effort when it comes to everyday life. People are carried away with mundane attractions so easily. But in reality, our Creator has told us that He will test us with wealth, health, children, and fruit (food and outcome). If you want to pass this test with flying colors, adapt humility.

How to Adapt Humility?

  • Whenever you accomplish something, thank Allah. This will make you realize that every gift is from Him, He is the Giver, and you have no authority over anything, let alone securing any achievement.
  • Take things lightly. This goes with both; if you are successful in an endeavor, don’t get dominated by your emotions. Stay lowkey. If you fail, stay calm and think of how to overcome that failure.
  • If you get extraordinary financial stability, stay to the ground. Never forget from where did you start. Look out for others as now you have more responsibility to take care of the people around you. Increase charity and fulfill others’ basics. The world needs you more!

I also want to tell you that the concept of humility is not only associated with wealth. I found that out while traveling to another country that people have great knowledge, but they never show it. Instead, they act as they don’t know, and by doing this, they learn more.

If you have more knowledge of a particular field than other people, don’t show it unless necessary. This can shatter the confidence of the people around you, and they will never ask you anything again. This one is important with the teachers because it doesn’t suit a teacher to brag about their qualifications.

Lowkey Keanu Reeves
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If you have mastery in a skill, say communication, don’t overpower any person while talking or make a joke of anyone in a gathering. People usually feel proud of themselves when they are good at something. This can endanger their self-esteem because they become helpless when they get defeated. They no more accept failure. Even they stop accepting their mistakes and end up hating themselves.

What’s the Reward of Being Humble?

In this life, you will be happy with whatever you have. People will respect you like you are a king. Wherever you go, people will be at ease because your presence will spread an aura of selflessness and care for humanity. And in the afterlife, you will be rewarded exceptionally just because you were humble on the earth, albeit of having so much wealth, knowledge, beauty, health, and status.

Try to be humble from now on because it will be difficult in the beginning, but once humility becomes a part of your life, your life will be peaceful.