You know how they say intent counts for something? I think the killer combo is intent + why.

The reason I zeroed on humility, was because of this part of her acceptance speech for Max Mara’s Face of The Future:

Thank you so much for including me in this organisation, and this [motions to award]…I’m thrilled that it’s the face of the future award. It’s about looking forward, about potential. It’s about what’s to come, and I can’t wait to keep working hard to earn this honour

Zoey doesn’t mind coming across as odd. Reading through some of her post comments — her fans agree…making a point to say that they like that she is that way.

LOL me on a daily

This is me whenever I try to cook

omg where is this i must go

Make more punny puns thanks

Lol legit

I still have that headband if you wanna rock it, old style

I feel like this reflects my feelings….

1.) Schnitzel Mystery

(Would I have chuckled this hard if I had seen the music video first? Maybe…)

2.) A Tribute to….Signs?

3.) Neat Little Rows

4.) I’m amused…but I can’t figure out why…

5.) Poetry…I think

6.) Because Hello Kitty needs to be healthy too

7.) Unfocused food photos

8.) Badass childhood photos

9.) When things are fun!

Words can’t begin to describe the amount of fun and work this movie was, so pictures will have to do.

10.) When you’re wondering…how this happened

11.) Non apologetic food love

12.) Facing the world even it it’s difficult

13.) When you can’t understand something yet you’re still amused

14.) Backsliding acceptance

15 – Behind The Scenes Shenanigans

16.) Mazto Ball Soup

17.) Making you want to watch a film just because it seems they had so much fun making it

18.) Veggies?

19.) A reminder how this film has great casting

20.) Surprise short films

Note to parents: There are certain posts in Zoe’s feed that border on MA territory.

Special Mentions:

A.) A Director’s POV

B.) Connections…Connections…

C.) The Soup Love Runs In The Family

D.) Behind The Scenes to the Behind the Scenes….

Just like Derek Sivers’ TED talk, if you are brave enough to start dancing, other people would follow.

Another example is when Olivia Munn first was a guest on Ellen’s show. She intensely geeked out and wasn’t apologetic about it.

You know how they say intent counts for something? I think the killer combo is intent + why. If you follow the same structure for anything you share on Social Media, your own feed will be as engaging to your tribe as Zoe is to hers.

Note: Why did I pick this picture? It was to match the aesthetic of this, this, this, and this post.